I can’t believe it’s been this long since I have written here, but lets do a quick one.


  1. No I am not doing the Ravellinic (I think that’s how you spell it), my main project is a design so I can’t really push through it that fast.
  2. I do have the Sports I have in tandem while designing, but I want the design done sooner rather then later.
  3. Not having knitting to show here doesn’t give me much to talk about
  4. Which them makes a kind of boring blog.
  5. Which probably frustrates those wanting to see what design I’m working on, or what I’m knitting on in general.
  6. I really need to get this design done so it can get tested
  7. That and so I can knit on something I can actually show here
  8. I need to knit through my stash
  9. Ooooo look yarn…


Yarn will never, ever leave you

There are certain things that happen in my life that warrant yarn purchases.  Most of the time I buy yarn because, you know, it’s irresistible to me.  Something about the color or fiber content, or both that just sing to me.  It calls out a siren song and tells me all of the possibilities that it could be.  Some were like the yarn from the shop I visited last week, where it told me exactly what it was going to be.  They told me what design they wanted to be and told me I knew they were perfect for it.  There are definitely yarns like that, but this yarn wasn’t for that reason.


I won’t go into detail what life event that was, but this was another one of those events.  I went through my local yarn shop and I looked at all of the yarn there.  I knew my birthday is this month so I would also hold off on anything crazy until then.  But I knew I needed something for this now tradition.  I picked up some more Malabrigo Mora to make a For the Love of Spiders.  I got a nice teal-y blue and a black, so I think it will work out well.  No pictures just yet, I will soon.  I just realized I really need to start cataloging my yarn in Revelry again, I’ve been slacking off on that.


Just a quick post and a friendly reminder, yarn will never leave you.

The returning yarn


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Let’s start this off that this hasn’t happened before. We had some Madelinetosh get delivered to my local yarn shop, usually I can resist and I did. But there was a new color that came in that I liked, but it and another color was being looked at by my friend. She decided that she only needed 3 of each and left the other 2 skeins. I had them in front of me and another friend and I were looking at them. I told her if she wanted them she should get them. So she did and so the end of that skein, or so I thought. But then last week that yarn came back, she returned it. A friend that works there had it but she decided she didn’t want it and passed it along to another friend.  Then she decided she didn’t want it last Friday, so then it was in front of me. I knew it was destiny that it came back to me, but I needed to know what it was going to be if I bought it.
So I did, it’s very pretty, one of the better new colors from Tosh. I think it’s going to be a Sharktooth because the other 2 I knit were gifted to my mother and she loves them. But I miss having one of them and it was a fun knitting so I think the skein would be perfect for it. That yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in the colorway Marfa. I think it’s going to be a perfect Sharktooth.

I did visit another yarn shop yesterday, on my way up to Walnut Creek I stopped in Danville to a shop I had tried to visit 2 times prior but because of traffic I wasn’t able to get there in time. I finally got there and couldn’t have been more thrilled. This shop has yarns I can’t get in my local shop or the other few remaining. But the staff is also super friendly and the owner is such a sweet heart. The shop I’m talking about is A Yarn Less Raveled, not a large shop at all but is still full of wonderful treasures.

I walked around to see what all they had, even though I saw their impressive yarn selection online. I also had to cool down since it was 97F yesterday. Browsing around I was thinking about the designs I was working on and wanted to get something from there. I picked up a few things while I was there.  Here’s just a teaser picture of what I picked up, I’ll talk about them more… eventually…



The reason for 2

I’m still very glad that I listened to my friend and had a non-design project on the needles while designing. This design I’m working on is taking more math and more thinking then I anticipated.  There are a lot of charts and decisions that I needed to make that I am finding out about as I knit.  At least I don’t have to worry about no knitting. I’m still working on my Sports in the bright Fluro Rose from Madelinetosh. They will wake you up first thing in the morning, even without coffee nearby.  But lets just say in the morning you want me to have coffee nearby.

If you hadn’t seen before I posted a new pattern almost 2 weeks ago called Spring Iris, a 2 color mesh scarf/shawl. This design took me a while to get it to what it looks like now. I went through a lot of design iterations with different design elements and constructions. I wanted it to be light and airy and reminiscent of spring flowers.  I think that what I ended up with is exactly what I was looking for.  I am very pleased by how it turned out and I hope you all enjoy it.

Finally summer is in full swing now, it’s in the low to mid 90s here and I really want it to be fall already.  I don’t do well in the heat and on top of that it makes it difficult to knit with wool.  I’m still wanting to work with silk and other  cooler fibers, but the two things on the needles need to be finished before that happens.  Or at the very least the shorts need to be completed before a cooler project comes along.

I’ll have a fun little story next time about a yarn that made its way back to me.

And you thought that was bright?

Well you haven’t seen anything yet. Yes my second spice market is pretty and it’s bright, but my next plain knitting is bright. They’re the sports by Stephen West and in Fluro Rose.  You should be able to see me from space when I knit them or wear them. 

I’m still chugging along on the design, still can’t tell you what it is. It’s going to be smell I me before it’s ready for prime time. But another design is almost ready for release. Stay tuned for that. 

It’s so colorful

My needles are just on fire lately.  I just finished my second On the Spice Market this week, took about 2 weeks to do, but not bad at all.  When I finished it I sat there thinking, what am I going to work on next.  I remembered I had been neglecting the deal with my design knitting, having a simple project along with having a design.  I felt a little guilty, but not that much.  I had a lot of fun knitting both of them, for different reasons.  The first was a great scraps project while the other has a special meaning.  Not to mention it’s bright and colorful, which is my thing.  I haven’t blocked the second On the Spice Market just yet, actually getting ready to do it right now.


I am back to the design I was working on before my obsession with the 7 colored knitting happened.  That design is coming along, slowly but surely.  I’m still very happy with how it’s coming out, I just need to get a bit further along and then I can get things really going. But until then I will have to just have a secondary autopilot knitting project going.  I thought maybe I should pull out some of the cotton yarn that I have (which isn’t that much in my stash) and make a tank for me.  I pulled out my swatch notebook and looked t the needles I would need.  I don’t have any spare and ready to go.  So I thought about something else that I could make instead.  I browsed through my queue in Revelry and stumbled apron something, something that I bought very bright yarn for.  So those got switched and cast on.  I won’t tell you what they are just yet, lets just say the Main Color is Fluro Rose from Madelinetosh.


Here’s a picture of the blocking Pride Market, I really like it.





Confetti Cake


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That is what has been going through my mind as I have been working on my second on the spice market.  I’ve been calling it The pride market, but it also kind of looks like confetti cake.  Don’t get me wrong I like confetti cake, but it’s not my absolute favorite.  So it’s a little weird that I’m seeing both names in my head while knitting on it.  And speaking of knitting on it, it’s been a rather slow knit on it, due to the weather here.  It’s been hitting the low 90s, which yes for some of you is pretty tame, but for me it’s way too hot.  It is even worse that now it is long enough that it can sit on my lap, making me warmer.  You know I must be a little sadistic, knitting with wool during the summer, and not only that.  But I’m knitting with wool and making things that would fall into my lap as it grows.  I think once this is finished I’m going to need to have a more summer related knitting project to work on while focusing on designs.  Speaking of those, I haven’t really been working on my current design.  I just haven’t gotten out of the garter funk I’ve been in, until today.  Where I feel like I can work on designing fantastic patterns again.  That and I have a design for 3 colors of silk I kind of want to have for the summer.


Pretty isn’t it?  Of course it’s out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock and Twist Light, and Fiber Seed Seedlings.  I’m very happy with how it’s turning out and how squishy the Fiber Seed yarn is.  I think I might need to get more of their yarn in bigger skeins, but once I get the stash more manageable.


I do have one pattern out to some test knitters right now (can’t remember if I mentioned that).  I’m waiting for them to finish to see what else needs to be changed in the pattern.  Not only that but I’m coordinating with the model and I want to make sure it’s a day that isn’t too warm, because modeling wool in the summer evening can be really uncomfortable.  But we will have to see what happens, it’s just going to take me some time to get all of this together.  Thorough I think it will be a great summer accessory if done in a silk.  I think I’m in a silk mood right now, even though I love wool, just hot weather and wool don’t mix.  I’m not looking forward to some of the photoshoots I have to model for that are going to be in wool.  I think I will do that, once I finish this knitting I’m going to pick something silk to work on.  Probably not the silk design just yet, maybe something out of Tosh Silk Lace.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

A little brighter

It still amazes me how fast a week can go by. Feels like like a day or two ago I was posting here. This is going to be a fast update, so let’s get going. I finished my first on the spice market. It’s stunning if I do say so myself. Just need to get pictures of it. And I immediately cast on for the next one, which is in a nice, bright rainbow.


Nice right? I’ll have more pictures soon, but in the mean time that should do. And if you’re on Instagram, follow me @tygerknits if you’re so inclined.

One of those…


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Well it’s been a little while again and I will say I was going to post earlier this week knowing that it was a little more overdue.  However with the events that happened early in the week I couldn’t get myself to write about anything.  I needed to take a few days and let the shock and horror subside a little bit.  I can’t say too much more about it without getting too emotional, but I will say my thoughts are with all those close to the victims.  And my town that I live in had a vigil early in the week too, which was nice to see, and thank you to Stephanie Pearl McPhee for your kind words too.


Lets get to something a little more upbeat, knitting.  Yes I have been knitting, still part of the morning routine, make coffee, watch youtube and knit for an hour.  I’ve been working on a large design project and that’s going very well actually, I think I already have two test knitters lined up for it.  It’s just an idea and part of it is knit, but I think that will give you an idea of how awesome it might be.  But I am working on my On the Spice Market, it’s going well. I’m on the final stretch now, the final section, just finished the first contract color block this morning, ready to start the next.  I think that I might need to get some of the small skeins of Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn and make another one.




Gotta get back to knitting, I’m so close to finishing.  That and with the main color I’m kind of playing a bit of yarn chicken with it.  Finishing the last color of the second section I saw that my ball of yarn was getting quite low.  I started to panic, so I did what every other sane knitter would do.  I checked on my LYS’s website to see if they had more of this color in stock.  They do, will it be an exact match?  Extremely unlikely, but it should be a close enough match.  For now I just have to see how long this ball lasts me, hopefully to the end of the project.  Not looking forward to sewing in those ends, maybe I’ll do that after lunch.


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