120g seems so far time warp


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I’m still working down the ball of the huge skein of Miss Babs Kilimanjaro, it’s last weigh in was 190g.  I need to get down to 120g in order to start the border and then finally be done with this project.  It just takes me a while, even with the speed that I can knit, I think the wormhole is really the proper term for this project.  Knitting a large tube, that has a beginning and and end that is (or seems to be) light years away.  I also think that at that end is a black hole which is where I’m at.  You knit and knit and think that you are getting somewhere but that’s the problem, it seems that you really aren’t getting anywhere.  70g may take me longer then I think, or it may zoom by because of the increasing that happens.  For sure I don’t know all I can really do is keep going and hope that I get to border and bind off soon.

This is another Time Warp so try not to get too confused, if you get nauseous please grab the paper bag in front of your seat and brace yourself.

Friday at my LYS I spent a while knitting on the tube, kept weighing it every few hours.  I was starting to go insane knitting, weighing, knitting, weighing.  One of my friends there had hers with her and so at the end of the night we measured up.  I was about 3-4″ away from where she started her edging.  The insanity was growing, I went home and knit more.  The rounds are very long now, which means it also consumers a lot of yarn per round.   Finally at the end of the night I weighed the skein again.  140g was the final weigh in for the night, I had to sleep.



The weekend provided little time for knitting, but a few rounds were completed.  Finally on monday night, the edging was started when 120g was reached.  I thought the edging would make this fly by, except it’s a mesh pattern and it takes forever.  Now 5 repeats of the lace mesh done, holly cow does this take a while.  It looks so good in the the color that I chose.  But there is no denying that the border is not that interesting still, however it just means that I’m almost done with this.  I’m hoping that by Friday that I can block this and get it into my finished yardage for the year.  Which I have been neglecting updating that, but I will be able to add more and more to it soon.

Time is not enough


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Does anyone else feel that they don’t have enough time in a day to get everything that you want to get done?  There is so much that we all have to do, things we want to get done, and we only have 24 hours in a day to do them.  For me I have school, work, all of the knitting, weaving, and spinning that I want to do, not to mention all of the designing as well.  There is just a finite amount of time that I have for all of it and it makes me a little crazy.  Should I weave today, or spin, or knit, or design, or something else?  Too many options, but I think that I will be ok.  The designs have a plan, I need needles out of projects that I’m almost done with so I need to finish them and then I can get those going again.

Just working on the Viajante still, it’s getting pretty big.  I am currently working up to the border, which is taking some time.  I’m not sure if the 100g that I allocated will be enough for it, but I’m going to see what others have done and take it from there.  Looking at one of my friends who made two already, noliegirl’s Do you Know the Way to Santa Fe?, she takes great notes especially when you have weights in there.  What she did was knit until about 118g and then started the netting.  I last weighed in around 200g, which means I need to knit about another 90 grams and then start the netting.  She and I similar in height, so I think that if I made one to around the same weight/length that would be good.  I don’t even know what the stitch count is, but I know it’s probably over 350 sts, I don’t think I want to count the stitches.

I am liking the change of the skein that I’m using.  The outside that I was starting from the lighter part of the giant skein, now it’s on the darker part of the skein.  My mother saw the Viajante and she wants one for her Christmas gift.  I think I will do it, but I have to find another Miss Babs Katadin or Kilimanjaro skein in a color she would wear.  She did like Shaken not Stirred, Deep Sea Jelly Fish, Coffee Break, and I bet there are others that she would like as well.  That is another exception to the no yarn till the end of the year (including the kit that I want to get and knit for stitches).  I’m going to be knitting a lot of stockinette in the round.
Now it’s on the weigh till you can edge game.

All the color!


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Done.  It’s completed, blocked, and ready for the 100 degree weather that we are having here.  That’s not the point though, my 3rd Color Craving is completed.  There were conflicting thoughts in my head whether I should use Color C for the border as written or if I should use Color A to make it more subtle.  I toyed with both ideas and one of my knitting friends (Bear-Ears) said to me, “well you already put edison bulb in, so you might as well.”  After that and looking at other projects that actually used that color in Color C I was convinced.  The results are perfect, bright, cheery, and I think I got another knitter to make another in bright colors like mine.  I’m hoping to see that done, because knowing her she will finish it within a few days.

So now that this project is done I have to choose something else to knit on.  Two projects were actually chosen, Banana Leaf and finishing my Viajante.  Banana Leaf needs a little more brain power, but not much.  Mainly it’s managing the ribbing, moving the markers around (which I don’t like markers, I don’t use them unless the pattern uses “repeat till the marker”), and because it’s kind of a slick yarn that was chosen.  Malabrigo Lace was the choice, in this stunning kind of royal purple, should be rather fetching when it’s done.  The worm hold to insanity (Viajante) just needs to be off the needles and it’s my just autopilot knitting, which some days you just need.  That has become my morning, sipping on my cup of coffee knitting, which is perfect while I’m waking up.

Now Stithces West 201q6 is comming up and I have to decide what I want to do for it.  Decide f I want to take a class, if I’m going to buy anything, anything I want to knit and show off there, etc…  Last time you remember I did not buy anything, didn’t take any classes, and I knit Sari to show off.  I think this year will be another similar, Bosphorus, which is in the same yarn, but not as intense.  I’m thinking this will be a good kit to get, at the end of the year after I knit through the stash a bit. Have to contain it, I think it tries to get me in my sleep and I need to get it back into their plastic bin prison.  My yarn inmates have been misbehaving and I’ve been a lazy knitting warden.  No more of that, they will be in their bins and contained, no yarn buying till the end of the year (except a kit at the end of the year).

Brighter then the sun


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I think we have established that I really like the bright colors, the ones that require you to wear sunglasses when you look at the final project.  Even if it’s not that much of it you still need sunglasses.  The 3rd color craving that I have been working on is just that, you might require sunglasses when you look at it.  I think it’s quite fantastic, but I did have to make a modification to the pattern just so that people don’t go blind when they see it.  The edging is either in the picot or icord, I always default to the icord, is supposed to be done in color c.  If I did it in edison bulb I don’t think it would have the right effect, so I am going ahead and replacing color c with color a.  Lets get one thing clear, I do not like actually knitting the icord, I just like the look of it.  I think it gives it a really nice finished detail, especially on this project.  Now that all sections are complete, I must make the journey around it, making icord and binding off, I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m still unsure if I should follow the pattern or make my modification.  It might not look right if I don’t use Color C, I’m thinking of the other pattern I used Edison bulb in Convergent, which I think looks good with the bright border.  Such a dilemma that I am facing, bright border, or more muted border, as written, not as written.  You know what, go bright or don’t finish it.  Done and Done.


Since I’m so close to the end of this project I am looking at what I should start next.  There is a test knit that I’m going to start regardless, but I mean something that these needles can go right into once I’m done.  I’m considering doing the hot pants, but then again I don’t know if I want to start those right now.  Banana Leaf crossed my mind and I think that could be a fairly auto pilot knitting project, which would be good for me.  There are a plethora of projects that I could start up, but I’m thinking of just using some of the newer yarn that I acquired first.  That would mean banana leaf and hot pants, lots of decisions I have to make soon.  Maybe I should just pick up the wormhole again (viajante) because it’s simple, straightforward, and doesn’t require much attention.  I think I should do that, just not right now when the ball is still big and it takes up a lot of room in my bag.

Just a quick note too, I’ve been doing a bit of editing of the photos that I took on my vacation and I’m quite pleased with them.  I can’t wait to see them printed, metal prints are in my future, which I think some will become gifts.

Lets get back to some knitting talk, which now will involve the stash.  I have not been keeping up with the social pressure experiment, which is not good.  I have decided that since it’s the beginning of September I will now be using only stash (unless a project needs another skein to be completed) until the end of the year.  I will buy a kit at the end of the year, but that will be the only thing that I buy.  I need to get the stash contained again, which means actually knitting with what I have.  I’m going to probably go through withdrawals, must be strong.

Shield your eyes


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This has been a long time coming, due to my forgetfulness, and how things are picking up again this post was delayed.  Now things are going to get even busier, school has started up which means my time went from available to deficit.  The good side is that it will only be for 3.5 months or so, time should fly. Knitting time will be limited, but I’m going to try to get through as much as I can in the time that I have.
I do have a finished Rockefeller to show off. I ran out of yarn twice. Once when I was on my way home from London, I ran it of the CC. Then when I was back I ran out of the main, both running out on the second wing. The main color ran out about 4 inches from the end, so I got some donated by a friend and it’s done. It’s blocked, not aggressively but it’s blocked. I didn’t want to block it too much because I know that the yarn that I used would grow quite a bit.  That yarn that I used is my new favorite yarn base, Madelinetosh Twist Light.  I can’t wax poetically enough about it, it’s the right thickness, takes the colors really well, feels really good to work with, and it’s a good price for yardage.

That ties into what happened a 2 Friday’s ago, my LYS got in a new shipment of that yarn in some striking colors.  I knew I have a lot of yarn, that I just got yarn on my trip (as restrained as I was), and that I need to work on cutting down the stash (social pressure and all).  But I found a combination that I just couldn’t pass up on, something that I think will make you all question my sanity, or that I can actually still see colors after it.  The sanity check had to happen especially after I figured out what pattern that I wanted to knit again with it.  I’m making another Rockefeller, yes this will be my third.  The colors that I chose are Vishnu, Cosmic Wonder Dust, and Edison Bulb.  Yes that is a bright combination and it seems like something Stephen West would have chosen, but I like it.  I wanted something really bright and I got it.  Right now I’m on the third section and I forgot how much garter this is.  But I need that with how little brain power I’m going to be having this semester.


And finally I had a birthday this month, which isn’t a big deal, but for my LYS they give you a special birthday discount, so I had to get something.  I looked every day that I was there, brought things back to the table to look at while knitting, putting them back when I left.  I kept pulling out the same things and I knew that this wasn’t just a quick infatuation with the yarn, it’s yarn that was destined to be mine.  Again you might question my sanity, but I think this will be fun to knit (and use).  I got 2 skeins of the Malabrigo Lace in this beautiful purple that I’m going to make a Banana Leaf out of (the color is great for me), 2 skeins of the Sweet Georgia Trinity in a nice grey that will be the Suke-Suke Cowl (wedding gift), and 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Sport.  Those 3 skeins are in a white (can’t remember the name right now) and Fluro Rose, which are destined to become a pair of sports hot pants (yes another Stephen West).  All of my knitting friends say I have to model them once they’re done and yes I will have photos of them on me when they’re done.  I think they are going to have a kick out of it, after their eyes are done burning from the intense color that I chose.

Picking Up

I just need to mention that  I have not forgotten this blog.  Things just picked right up when I got back, with work and now school has started for me.  I know that time will be tight but I will do my best to keep posting here in a timely manner.

Just a quick update I did finish something that I was knitting on the trip, won’t say what it is just yet.  I want to get some pictures done and then I can show you.  I started something new and it’s really turning out well.  And I bought my birthday yarn from my LYS and it’s bright.  I think that you all would approve.

More to come with yarn, colors, and finished objects.



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Being back home after a vacation is always a nice relief.  Not having to constantly live out of a suitcase (especially if your suitcase is falling apart like mine was), which means you have to make sure you have enough in there to get you through your trip.  Or if you do what we did you have to make sure that you’ll have a way to wash those clothes too.  Sleeping in your own bed, showering if your own bathroom, and having coffee you know is going to be good every time are some of the things that I missed on this trip.  Not to mention the fun that is always had when you have to pack everything up for the trip home, including putting all of the souvenirs into your suitcase, praying that they will fit.  I barely had enough room for everything and I really didn’t buy that much.  Some of the gifts that I got were small and the yarn wasn’t in excess quantities.
But you don’t care about that kind of stuff, lets get down to the knitting.  How much knitting did I actually get done on this trip, you’re probably wondering.  Well lets put the time into perspective Wednesday/Thursday in the beginning were travel days, a 2 hour wait in the airport (we are always early), a 10 hour plane ride, 4 hour layover, and a 1.5 hour plane ride.  The days in between would be maybe 30 minutes of knitting in the morning, leave the apartment no later then 8:30am, come back around 4 or 5 pm knit until about 6, have dinner, then knit till bed (about 1-3 hours depending).  Then yesterday was another travel day, a 2 hour wait in the airport (always early), 11 hour plane ride, 4 hour lay over, 1.5 hour delay, 45 minute flight, and then finally home.  Just a side note, I will say yesterday I was at my wit’s end, being up for a total of 25 hours and that much traveling makes my brain turn into nothing.  Now lets remember I only brought 3 projects, Rockefeller, Girasole, and some plain socks.  The day before I only got Girasole done up to the second round of eyelets.  Here is after the first day of travel:

IMG_0402I started rockefeller in the airport, getting ready for that long flight.  Now that’s a pretty good amount of knitting I would say, I was sore after that.  I really couldn’t knit on the second flight, so I knit a few rows, and then played some video games.

But now this is the result of vacation knitting, before the return travel day:

IMG_0540Now not the prettiest of pictures, but this is away from home, so I don’t have my normal set up.  Gristle hadn’t been touched since the first flight, the socks were started, and Rockefeller was on clue 4 with half of that clue being done.  I was on a roll, I had to keep going.  Now are you ready for it?  Including the last day of travel, this is the total amount of vacation knitting that I got done….

IMG_0544Not too shabby wouldn’t you say?  For now I’m just jet lagged, going to have to re-adjust to a different time zone.  Need to go get more yarn to finish the Rockefeller

Loopy tube


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So things are coming to a close here, we have Monday and Tuesday remaining while Wednesday is the 12.5 hours of flying and a 3.5 hour layover. The list of things that we have seen is growing, as well as the list of things that we haven’t seen. It’s rained 2 out of 3 days here that we have been here the whole day. We had such good weather and luck in Edinburgh that it was kind of payback for that. It was so bad on Friday that my shoes and socks were soaked through. I had to buy a new pair that were waterproof and for a just in case that my pair did not dry (side note they did, the new shoes aren’t comfortable one bit).  In that bad weather that caused the feet to be soaked we walked from a tube station that should have been closer, to the Tower of London, through the city over a bridge to the Globe (no tour due to a performance in progress), then across the millennial bridge to St. Paul’s, then booked it back to the apartment. I wish I could take pictures in St. Paul’s because it was stunning. I did get some good pictures of the tower and the outside of the cathedral. 

Yesterday was an interesting visit to the Saturday portobello road market. Antiques, food, and new items everywhere. I was looking at some vintage cameras they had, but decided against it. So much to see and buy, we came back pretty unscathed. After that was a good rest period and our final Palace, Kensington Palace. We decided that the last one we had on the list was out of the running, Buckingham. We know it’s famous, we are just at the ends of the trip and have seen a lot. 

Now today was a yarn day for me. Besides the insanity of the British museum it was a good day. I finally made it to Loop, the one store that I just had to see. And let me tell you something, the shop is fantastic, the employees are fantastic, and the yarn (you guessed it) fantastic. I had to be quicker then normal, due to the fact that I had a non knitter traveler, and because I had to pick carefully. I made sure to pick up the items that my knitting friends asked for, check, then I got some stuff for me. However I knew my suitcase was not going to handle too much more. I’ll show you what I got later, but in an ending note I found it why my suitcase is having wheel problems. The entire plastic inner shell shattered, which holds the two wheels. One is still intact for now and the other is wiggling. The metal frame should keep it together long enough to get me home. We shall see though, I’m going to need to be gentle with the suitcase. Yikes. 

Time skip


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This post is going to be jumping through different times today so please try to not get confused. 

Yesterday we took a bus out of old town and into a different part of the city. The total time from door to destination was about 35 minutes, which definitely wasn’t bad. When we arrived we were the second and third person there and it stayed that way for about 30 minutes when the first left. We were left alone at this amazing place for about an hour and half, exploring, taking photos, and taking in the marvels of this place.  I haven’t named the place yet because I don’t think many people know it’s there when they visit Edinburgh. It’s another castle, which isn’t preserved like the main Edinburgh castle which to be honest was nice but way to crowded.  This castle is in ruins but is the second best preserved next to the main castle in Scotland.    

Today is the day that we leave Edinburgh, it seems just like yesterday that we arrived. We were able to spend 6 days in this beautiful city. There was so much that we were able to see, more then that was planned.  Right now I’m on the last bit of a 5 hour train ride from Ediburgh into London. We left right at 9:30am and should arrive at the station around 1:51pm. You must be thinking isn’t flying faster? When you account in the time that is required you wouldn’t think so. When you add in getting to the airport 2 hours early, transit time to the airport, the flight, and transit to the apartment they’re pretty identical. At least with this transit system we were able to see the beautiful country.  

Then a bit of a walk later we arrived at our flat. Another AirBnb which is quite lovely. Good location, with 3 tube stations close by, a bit of shopping, and restaurants as well. Got settled in and got a lay of the land so to speak. Had a nice dinner and went to bed. 

This is now the next day, which was going to be the farthest we would need to travel (I think). The big 3 were up, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Now let me begin by telling you that the Tower of London is the most visited place in the UK with the Edinburgh castle being the second. We arrived right as the weather went wet, being prepared we trekked onwards. We got there right when they opened and it was not as busy as the Edinburgh castle at opening. Fantastic place with the king’s guard there, watching everyone. 

The globe had a show going so no tour there but we headed off to St Paul’s. No photography allowed in the cathedral, but if you’re in London it is worth the £18 just to see the magnificent architecture, craftsmanship, and sheer beauty that lies inside. Now finall back at the flat, my shoes soaked through, bag (which is supposed to be water proof) had a small leak (camera and knitting are alright), feet are up and it’s time to knit
I’m finishing clue 3 of the Rockefeller. I’m ready to be done, though I hope I have enough of color A. If not then it will have to wait to be finished till when I return to my LYS. 


Rude awakenings



Have I told you before that I am not a morning person? Well if I haven’t let me tell you, I am most definitely not a morning person. To even speak to me without getting a deathly glare I need one cup of coffee in me. Combine the not so happy to see morning and the addition of jet lag, it creates a nasty concoction. I haven’t been sleeping that great since we landed here to begin with. This morning I was sleeping like a baby until 4am. At that time the seagulls thought it would be hilarious to wake me with their hooting and hollering, for 4 hours. When I was awakened I thought it would be alright and I would be able to fall asleep like I had been, but I was wrong only a little. Yes I was able to fall asleep again but kept waking up every 20 minutes to the seagulls going from loud to decibels that would have raised the dead.  Now you must be thinking that I could have just put in ear plugs during the night and it would have been alright. 
Yes you would be correct except I didn’t mention that for me to fall asleep my body is particular about the conditions. Those being temperature, sound, lighting, vertical, moving, etc. unfortunately for me I can’t sleep with anything in my ears. So for me I was screwed, those little bastards kept me going in and out of sleep for an hour and a half until I couldn’t fight it anymore. I got up, silently cursed them, wishing I could teach them some manners. Coffee was required, made, knitting was next along with headphones until they stopped at 8am. 
Besides that so far the trip has been good, we have seen a lot here since we landed, more then anticipated. Today was the main castle, which was insanely busy. Generally getting up early and getting to places right when they opened worked out in our favor. Not today, there was a long line (even longer 2.5 hours later when we were leaving), just to get tickets. I won’t bore you with much more, except I did promise yarn pictures and those you shall have. 


No brain power left. I’ll do more information on them tomorrow. After sleep with no seagull parties…. I hope. 


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