Sock it to the worm hole


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Just a quick note before I begin, what an insane week it has been for me, car and work were not playing nice this week.  But not to fear the car is all fixed and work should be settling down (not sure I took the weekend off).

You must be wondering what I am talking about, there can’t be a worm hole in socks.  Or can there be?  Well  I’m being clever and just told you all of the things that I have been working on, for the most part.  17 days to go and I’m feeling the pressure, knitting has to start flying off my needles in order to get everything ready and done for the trip.  I sometimes keep forgetting about all of the knitting that I’m doing, especially those that I really need to get photographed while on the trip.  But you know that pressure when you really want to get something done for the trip and you don’t know if you can get it all done in time?  Right now that’s going on, I have to make decisions on what I can get done and what I really need to get done for the trip.

The first pair of socks I knit for my mom are done, except for the weaving in ends, and blocking but the knitting is complete.  Made out of HandMaiden Casbah, color is unknown due to the dyer not putting color names on the labels at that time.  I’m really happy how they turned out and she is super happy with how they feel.  I mean how can you not love having hand knit socks with cashmere in them?  The only time I think that wouldn’t be ideal is during summer, which it seems the weather there is warming up and I really hope that it cools off by the time we get there.

Viajante is currently becoming the worm hole of my knitting, you can knit and knit and knit on it but it seems that it is not getting any longer.  Which you know that it’s false, of course it’s getting longer, you’re making more and more stitches on it.  But it just feels like you go in one side of the worm hole and arrive in the future but with the same amount of knitting done.  I do like the colors how they’re playing on the knit fabric, pooling, not pooling, it’s great.

The design is the slowest because I’ve been really working on the socks to make sure that they’ll be done for the trip.  This is one of those has to be done for the trip because I would like pictures of it just in case something doesn’t happen.  I’m not going to tell you what that thing is, I will let you know when I know more.  But in any case I want it done, I need the pictures of it, and it would make me feel better.

And if that all wasn’t enough I did start the new sweater, insane of me I know.  No pictures this post, need to keep knitting like crazy.

Sweater Conundum


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Remember that disappointing swatch that I had a few days ago, well it’s evil still ensues.  Friday I figured out a pattern that I could knit, that the stitch pattern would actually show in the dark Artifact color.  So I knit the beginning of the pattern, that starts with the sleeve, working two repeats of the main chart.  The more I knit the more I wasn’t sure about it.  I love the pattern don’t get me wrong, but I think that the amount of time that the pattern would require would really hamper the other knitting that I would need to get done.  The socks for my mom still needed to be knit before we went, a new design would need to be done, and any finishing of things that needed to be done too.  With only 31 days left before the flight, time is getting more and more limited.

So I had to really think about it, should I just bring a sweater that I already knit with me and just leave this one for when I return.  Or should I change the pattern one more time and only knit on it when I get some of the other stuff done?  I sat and thought about it, while knitting on something else.  I really would like to have had the sweater worth knit because I did buy it almost a year ago.  It would just make me feel better about buying any yarn while there.  The more I thought about it the more I decided that I should knit on the other things first, making them a priority and only if I get a certain amount done work on the sweater.  The final pattern I’m going to knit, is simple enough that I could just speed through most of it is Rift, another Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  So I’m hoping that even though for me to get gauge I have to knit the worsted yarn on size U.S. 4s that I can get it done before going.

While I was deciding I did a bit more knitting on the Viajante.  It’s now a tube, be it a small one, but a tube non the less.  I have a lot of knitting on it to go before I am done.  But I think it will be nice once its done.  Though I have to keep my mind entertained while working on it because it really is auto pilot knitting.

Besides that I have the socks for my mom going pretty well now, they are Jeweled Steps by Cat Bordhi.  The yarn I’m using is Casbah Sock, the color is unknown (not because I don’t have the label, but because they didn’t label them with color ways when I got this one).  It’s going fairly well and thankfully for me she has smaller feet, so they just go really quick.  I might be able to get the first one done tonight if I really motor through ti.


Disappointed Swatching


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There is such an interesting feeling when you’re getting ready to knit a new project.  When you have the yarn and needles in your hand, getting ready to make sure everything is correct.  Make sure you have gauge, that the fabric is pleasing, that the color and the pattern play nicely, etc.  It’s kind of a voyage that you have to go on, especially for garments.  Lets be honest, for things like shawls I really don’t swatch, because I know how my gauge works with general weights of yarn and the appropriate needles.  But sweaters, cardigans, coats, anything big that is going to take you a lot of time to make I definitely swatch.  Now that Redford is done being knit (besides the sleeve to be sewn in and the ends and the blocking) I needed to start the new sweater.  If I want to get it done in time for the trip I nee to boogy on it.

So I pulled out the pattern, cast on, and started the journey with it.  I knit on it, looked at it, kept knitting, and looked at it again.  I was not happy how it was looking in the yarn that I chose.  I felt that the fabric was not pleasing to me and the color might be too dark for the pattern.  I decided that I should keep knitting, just to make sure I wasn’t being overly silly.  I checked gauge, it was spot on for the pattern before blocking.  So I bound it off and gave it a bath.  Put it out to dry and I still don’t like it. I wanted to make a nice cabled sweater with it, but I don’t think that it’s going to work out with the yarn.d  I might try a different pattern to see if that pattern shows up any better, otherwise I have to go to the back up of the more plain sweater.  Or that other one that really would look dashing in this yarn.  But see for yourself, it’s just not a match in heaven.  The swatch is darker in person, there is only so much you can do in post processing.  The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Almanac.

So while I need to think about a few things, I cast on my Viajante.  I’m quite pleased with it so far.  I have a long, long way to go.

Clearly distracted


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There have been a lot of lapses for me with all of knitting and yarn that I have.  I really am trying to work through my stash, there is a lot of yarn that I want to knit with.  I only have two hands, there is only 24 hours in a day, only so much knitting that I can do.  Now that I’m out of school for the summer you’d think that I would have more time, which you would be right.  However, everything that I wanted to do during the semester is finally getting to yell at me.  Knitting is one of those.  I still knit every morning, which is a great way to start the day, knitting and coffee.  There are days that I knit a row or two, others I knit 100s of stitches.

Starting with a distraction, Miss Babs.  Do I need to say more?  Gorgeous colors, great yarn bases, good prices.  I have been resisting making a Vijante for a while now, there are two knitters at my LYS that were making them.  I kept looking at theirs and seeing their colors and I desired one.  I wanted a Vijante out of Miss Babs for my own, would I actually wear the thing?  Probably not, since I don’t think it would be my style, but I don’t know.  Would it be too warm for me?  There is a possibility, but I could always lend it to my mom who is always cold.  One day at work I was looking at Miss Babs site again and I found my color, I resisted, I fell, it came to me and it’s beautiful.  The yarn is Kilimanjaro in the color Believable, which is perfect for me.


Another one that made me fall was a yarn that is specific to the UK.  No it is not one that I could have gotten while I’m there next month.  This one is very unique, it’s a self striping yarn, but not like others.  This one is all of the colors of the London Tube System, in sock yarn form.  I knew I had to knit this on the trip, so that I could knit my London Tube Socks on the London Tube.  The Dyers is Trailing Clouds and the yarn color is Mind the Gap.

Don’t worry I did some knitting too, the knitting on the Redford is all completed.  All is left is sewing in one more sleeve, sewing in the ends, and giving it the final bath.  It is fitting really nice actually, I would show you how it’s looking but it’s warm here, in the 90s.  Too warm for a wool/cashmere sweater, even for 5 minutes to get pictures.  But this will be perfect for the cold weather of London/Edinburgh.  Which is coming up, only 37 days left of knitting and getting everything together.  Flights, places to stay, sim card (communication/directions), Oyster Cards,  area ll good to go, just the where we will go see is the finalizing bit.  But what that means is that I have one more sweater and 2 pairs of socks I will need to get done in 37 days, not even that because they need a day or two to block.  So really I have about a month to get that knitting done.  I have watched for the second sweater and I’m not sure I’m going to do the same one I thought I would.  I might change my mind and do another plain-ish one, but I need to swatch that one as well.

I gotta keep swatching.

Sleeving forward


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Finals, they’re done, all 5.  I’m so glad that they’re all done, I can’t tell you how amply I am that they’re done. What that means is that I’ll have more time and more brain power to get things done. I’m about 2 months away from the trip, I have a lot of knitting that needs to be done so let’s take a look at how far I am. The pullover is making some good progress, the body is all sewn together, just need to weave in the ends, and give it the final blocking.  The first sleeve is progressing slowly, I think I’m getting sleevitis, where you want the sweater done, but you don’t want to knit the sleeves.  I’m hopefully going to try to get the sleeves done and attached by next week.  That way I will have time to knit the next sweater and still have time to make some socks for my mom.

Masgot on the other hand has been going tremendously well, it is all done.  I’m really happy with how it came out, the yarn is very soft.  Not to mention it grew quite a bit, but still it’s a good size.  The dropping down 2 needle sizes gave me the fabric that I wanted and made it not so big.

The colors are just perfect, very non traditional, and very me.  I’ll try to get a picture of it being modeled, but we will see if that happens.  I’m not one to be in front of the camera, I much prefer being behind the camera.  Regardless, it was a good knit, colors are great, and the yarn was perfect.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Twist Light in Great Grey Owl, Resin, and Deep.

More knitting to come, just got to get back to this sleeve.

Garter break


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There is a lot of knitting I have a head of me if I want to knit everyone that I want to make before I go on my trip. The pullover is coming along nicely, the back and front are complete.  One side is already done and I’m about a quarter through the second side.  It’s not like it’s difficult knitting, it’s just plain stockinette. I can do that in my sleep (if I could knit in my sleep that would be great), but it’s just something that needs to be done with this sweater.  Once the sides are both done then I’m going to give it a good block, sew up the seams, and then start the sleeves.  I’m guessing it will be another week or so to get it all done.  But of course that depends on the time that I actually have to get it done.  We are beginning finals at the end of this week, so most of my time that I have spare is going to be dedicated to studying.

I did start something new 2 weeks ago, it’s something that I needed to get the right 3 colors for, which I found in the new tosh base.  Madelinetosh Twist Light is the new base that my LYS got in fairly recently.  One day after school I thought about going to the shop to see if it actually came in.  If it didn’t I wasn’t going to mind, because I really didn’t need more yarn.  I got in, saw the boxes sitting there in the back, open, labeled, and ready to buy.  The colors were beautiful, the price was good, and had pretty good yardage.  I thought about buying another sweater quantity for another of the new Men’s Collection from Brooklyn Tweed.  Luckily I was talked down and I’m glad, I’m going to be knitting a lot of sweaters in the coming months. 
I did end up with 5 skeins, in various colors. But there were a group of three and a group of two. Masgot was the pattern for the triple and it’s looking good. 

I’m working on it when I want to knit something besides stockinette. Both projects are going wel.  

Miles and Miles


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I’m doing my best to get things worked on so that I can show you here.  Since I don’t have a lot of time to work on things, what I have gotten done is pretty good in my book.  You know that I have been working on the Redford pullover.  Well that is going pretty well actually, I got the back done today, promptly cast on for the front.  You may be thinking wow you are going to be done in no time, wait just a second.  Even though yes I’m through the back and starting the sleeves you may think that’s all thats left.  But you would be wrong, without giving the secret sauce of the pattern, you have to knit 2 side panels as well.  Which means I’m going to have 4 more pieces to knit once the front is done.  And did I mention the gauge?  It’s fingering weight yarn on U.S. size 4 (for me to get the right gauge of about 23 sts for 4 “).  Thats a lot of knitting especially making the 46 (I would have preferred at 44 but oh well, didn’t want to do math).  So there are a lot of stitches, not that I’m not enjoying the knitting, but it does take a bit of time to get to the completed state.

Right now I’m looking at other things that I want to knit when I finish this sweater.  Thew new Men’s Collection from Brooklyn Tweed made me go into a queueing frenzy, I liked pretty much everything from the collection.  So I wanted to knit something out of there, something that is out of Shelter, since I have a sweater quantity in Almanac.  The Denali Pullover caught my attention, with its cables and texture, not to mention the model is very handsome, that’s besides the point.  I think it will be a perfect sweater to have for my trip that’s coming up.  But then again I want to knit the Jackdaw Pullover as well, but that I think would need to be out of the Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Fathom that I have.  I think that will need to be plane/trip knitting.

Ok I bet you’re wondering what is this trip that you speak of?  Well I will be visiting Edinburgh and London this July for 2 weeks, so I thought it would be a good excuse to knit up some of the stash and have sweaters I might actually be able to wear.  I’m still deciding what sweaters I want to bring with me on the trip and the knitting that I want to bring.  But I have 2 months, that should give me enough time to plan and figure that out, right?  I also have to figure out what shops that I want to visit while there.  I know I want to see Loop because I’ve heard so much about it, but are there any others I should see?  If you know of any let me know and I want to get yarn that is local too if I can.

I’m not going alone, my mother is going with me, so I asked her if there was anything that she wanted me to knit for her for the trip.  She said not really, but I knew better.  I figured what could she pack that would be small and keep her warm?  Socks, that’s right socks, I will not be using the sock machine at all for these, they will be by hand.  I have one skein of Casbah sock picked out.  Then I’ll go from there.

Yarn will never leave you


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I know its been some time since I last posted, life again has gotten out of hand but what else is new? School is now starting to wind up and ramp up at the same time. Only 3 weeks left I believe at this time but that also means finals are coming. I sure hope that they aren’t too bad this year.
There is now a running joke at my local knitting group that yarn will never leave you. Which is very true, you don’t have to worry about it not being happy with you, it will happily sit in stash till its time is right. It will never complain about not being able to spend enough time with you (that would be a WIP that complains, not the yarn).  You can always count on it to be there for you, patiently waiting for you. It may call to you every so often, asking you to pick it up and just squish it and feel it’s beautiful fiber. It may just ask you to look at its beautiful colors and remember where you bought it, where you were with, and bring back memories of a good time.

Not only that but it will stay there with you even after its knit up, faithfully by your side or neck or body. It will keep you warm or cool depending on its fiber content. Yarn is just a wonderful thing, something that I’m very glad to have with me. The joke comes from when you’re broken up with as a knitter you will always have yarn because it will never leave you. To spare all of the details I needed some yarn that could be knit into something as a it will never leave you like some have.
At my LYS, we got back in malabrigo about 2 weeks ago and of course I had some sitting in front of me while I was there for knit night. But none of it really spoke to me, yes it was pretty, but not right for what I wanted. The group had told me that if it was going to be a special exception to the social pressure experiment that it should be something amazing. So I put the malabrigo back, but then I saw it, something that I had seen there before and just forgot about. A donegal tweed in this gorgeous red, it made my heart sing as it told me what it wanted to be. I knew then that would be the yarn, I checked quantities and the shop had the exact number I needed. So, pattern at the ready, yarn then purchased I got the new yarn.

I diligently did my swatch that night, after it got blocked, I was right on gauge.  I cast on and knit when I could.  There really isn’t anything amazingly interesting about the pattern but it simple, classic, and will wear really well.  The yarn that I picked mimics the original yarn, even though I would have like to have a sweater quantity in Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Long-johns.  But the Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal is a perfect substitute for me.

Now I’m almost halfway through the back of Redford, which I think will be perfect.  I want to get this done so I will have sweater for a trip that I’m taking this summer.  More on that later.

If you get anything out of this today is that Yarn is always a good investment, because it will never leave you.

Slumped and Spun up…


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There are times when you’re just knitting away, finishing things that you put down a while ago, and you think about what you want to knit on next.  Then you look at your queue, through featured patterns, check your WIP’s again, and nothing registers.  Nothing screams at you that they are next, they need to be worked now, or no amount of stash diving makes you want to work with something right away.  Maybe it’s just me, but I found that I’m in one of those slumps, I mean I’m working on works in progress but there isn’t anything that makes me excited and want to cast on right away.  I’m taking it as a sign, one that is telling me to do something else fiber related.

Lets bring in the spinning wheel, which has been neglected, wishing for someone to treadle it.  It whimpers next to me, so sad that it isn’t loved.  It’s not that it isn’t loved, I just had so much that I wanted to work on before that.  But I’m taking this opportunity to spin again, ironically enough last night when I went to sit down at the wheel I found that I couldn’t find the oil.  I looked everywhere because it needed a good oiling, but none could be found.  I knew that I had to get some more, fortunately one of the LYS’s here does spinning and I knew they would carry the oil I needed.  So I went up today to get it, but what I didn’t know that I would get enabled into some lovelies….


Greenwood Fibers BFL and Silk in Enchanted (which I’ve wanted for a while and I saw again at my usual LYS last night), Greenwood Fibers Merino Silk in Arcade, and Wonderland Dyeworks Wonder Bundle in Seawater.  I couldn’t resist, so they came home with me.  I shouldn’t have, but the first one I wanted for months, the second was just so much fun, and the third was so stunning that I had to have it in my stash.

Speaking of, if you and I are friends on Ravelry you might have seen I put up a lot of stuff into my stash.  Don’t worry that is not new yarn, that’s all stash yarn that I have had for a while, but I knew I needed to put into my online stash.  I’m past 100 yarn entries, I’m a little scared because that is still not all of it, same with the fiber.  I better get out of the slump, but until then I think spinning and weaving would be good.

Convergent Time Warp


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Just a quick post today, knowing that I have slipped on these.  Last week was a intense week on multiple levels.  I thought a date that a proposal for twist was due on the weekend and it was due on Tuesday.  If that gives you any idea of how nuts it was for me for last week.  There still was time for working on some fiber related goodness, but not a lot.

Lets start with weaving, or the lack thereof.  I am working on a houndstooth scarf out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Moonstone and El Grecco, which will be stunning when its done.  However, being a new weaver, I’m getting used to the fabric tension when working patterns.  So I did have to un-weave a bit to get to a tension that I think will work out well when it is finished.  But the back and forth that I had to do a few times made me not want to weave that much, so I put it down for a bit.  But I picked it up again and I think that it’s going fairly well.  Hopefully I will get it done in the next few days.

For knitting I just finished something else, my convergent.  It’s bright, soft, and not to mention BRIGHT, Edison Bulb even though it is subdued in this a little bit, it’s still an intense color.  The icord border is quite nice, a favorite of mine, and adds more intensity when it’s in Edison Bulb. All blocked said and done I wish that I made it with a slightly bigger yarn so that it wasn’t so small. But I still Ike it non the less.


I’ll be back again, I’m on spring break now, so I’m recharging my batteries, knitting has been happening, kind of.


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