Still can’t read patterns


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I don’t think this will come to a surprise to many of you that I still have issues reading patterns, I think I’ve found out my problem.  When there is a shift in the pattern or I think I know what the pattern says without checking, I have a problem.  Lets talk about the most recent issue I had, which didn’t happen once, but twice.  I’m referring to My Cryptonite, which the pattern is written very well, it’s very clear, just my brain can’t compute.  Lets break it down shall we.

  1.  I knit through the part that repeats itself quite a lot, without any errors, well maybe one, but that was no big deal.
  2. I get to the part when the pattern changes slightly and I think I see it say something like “just keep going with the same pattern”.
  3. I keep going in this manner and about 30 rows in, I look at it and think it’s time to start a new section.
  4. I look at the pattern and curse myself.
  5. I repeated the wrong section for the last chunk after the big repeat section.
  6. Decided to rip it out and to do it correctly.
  7. Today I was knitting along and got to the written number of repeats for the new section
  8. Come to realize I forgot to repeat from the old section too before starting the new section
  9. Have a bit of turmoil of either I rip this out and get it right, because the third time is the charm.
  10. Or who about not, I don’t want to do this part again, it won’t make much difference.  I’ll just fudge it a little to get everything on track again.
  11. Early morning knitting while having school fatigued brain doesn’t help.
  12. The designer saw the picture of her design I was knitting that I posed on my instagram (@tygerknits if you’re interested).

Do I think that I’m going to be able to read patterns in the future?  Probably not.  Do I think I can still write a decent pattern?  Yes.  Do I want to get this knitting done to knit one more thing before next month?  Yes.

Deep stash diving


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Today would have normally been a day I would be in school until late, but thankfully I have today off because of a National Holiday.  I honestly thought I would have gotten up earlier but I guess I need a long recharge from this past week.  Not that it was especially trying or hard, but just because of some stressful situations with school, which are now resolved.  And the fact that I am not a morning person and I’ve had to get up early a lot because of school.  But I have been knitting, quite miraculously I have been, not a lot but enough to keep my sane.  I have my school project which is Love of Spiders, a good one that I can just auto pilot while in class, going unnoticed.  It’s in Mora Silk, which is nice to work with, makes a very nice fabric.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The blue is more of a turquoise blue, but it is still very nice.  Lots of ends to deal with since I didn’t want to carry up the contrast color and make the edge too tight.  Just a little more to go and then I can start the next section of the pattern.  Maybe I’ll get a section done tomorrow during my lecture.


Even though I am trying to be a monogamous knitter, I can’t be when I have a design going.  And the Sports were the non thinking knitting, but those are done.  I just need to finish a little more seaming, wash, and block them and then I can call them 100% done.  But the spiders should have been it’s replacement, but I’m delegating that to be school only knitting, so I needed something else for non design knitting.  So I started My Cryptonite, yes I spelled that right, it’s a Melanie Berg pattern.  I debated getting 3 skeins from my LYS for my Birthday, but resisted and instead went into stash and pulled out 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Sock, one deep stash, one medium, and one kinda medium.  The colors I chose were, Composition Book Grey, Fog, and Grasshopper.  I’m really happy with how they are mixing together and this pattern is so great.  Maybe I’ll have to dig again later and make another.


Composition book is not that pinky purple in real life.  I just wanted some quick photos, so no edits.  But these will do for now.  Back to enjoying the day, going to knit for a while.

Time and knitting

Well it’s that time of year again. I have officially started my last semester in college, which means it’s going to be a long few months. I know that school is important and that you need a good education to get ahead, but I have to say one thing. Senioritis his you pretty damn hard. With all of that said, lets just say it’s going to be a long and stressful semester.  I will say so far it seems like homework is far and few between, it’s all about the practical applications of what you’ve learned.  So that is nice, but it also means a lot of reading too, meaning reading and knitting time.


When I started last week I needed to bring some knitting just in case I had downtime or felt comfortable whipping out the knitting during a lecture.  I didn’t want to bring the Sports that I have been working on, or the project that I’m designing.  Neither the bright colors or the need to pay a lot of attention to something was something I wanted.  I decided to have a project that was pretty much reserved for school.  I grabbed some Mora and some needles and cast on a Love of Spiders.  I’m using a nice blue-turquoise and a black, it’s coming out quite nicely.  And the fact that it is silk is another plus.  But not to fear, yesterday I finished the sports.  Well the knitting is done, the little bit of ends and sewing, and the drawstring are still needing to be done.  Not to mention blocking, but I did try them on and let me tell you, they’re bright, and they’re fantastic.  I might need to make a few other pairs, but maybe in more subdued colors.


No pictures this update, have to keep knitting and reading.


I can’t believe it’s been this long since I have written here, but lets do a quick one.


  1. No I am not doing the Ravellinic (I think that’s how you spell it), my main project is a design so I can’t really push through it that fast.
  2. I do have the Sports I have in tandem while designing, but I want the design done sooner rather then later.
  3. Not having knitting to show here doesn’t give me much to talk about
  4. Which them makes a kind of boring blog.
  5. Which probably frustrates those wanting to see what design I’m working on, or what I’m knitting on in general.
  6. I really need to get this design done so it can get tested
  7. That and so I can knit on something I can actually show here
  8. I need to knit through my stash
  9. Ooooo look yarn…


Yarn will never, ever leave you

There are certain things that happen in my life that warrant yarn purchases.  Most of the time I buy yarn because, you know, it’s irresistible to me.  Something about the color or fiber content, or both that just sing to me.  It calls out a siren song and tells me all of the possibilities that it could be.  Some were like the yarn from the shop I visited last week, where it told me exactly what it was going to be.  They told me what design they wanted to be and told me I knew they were perfect for it.  There are definitely yarns like that, but this yarn wasn’t for that reason.


I won’t go into detail what life event that was, but this was another one of those events.  I went through my local yarn shop and I looked at all of the yarn there.  I knew my birthday is this month so I would also hold off on anything crazy until then.  But I knew I needed something for this now tradition.  I picked up some more Malabrigo Mora to make a For the Love of Spiders.  I got a nice teal-y blue and a black, so I think it will work out well.  No pictures just yet, I will soon.  I just realized I really need to start cataloging my yarn in Revelry again, I’ve been slacking off on that.


Just a quick post and a friendly reminder, yarn will never leave you.

The returning yarn


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Let’s start this off that this hasn’t happened before. We had some Madelinetosh get delivered to my local yarn shop, usually I can resist and I did. But there was a new color that came in that I liked, but it and another color was being looked at by my friend. She decided that she only needed 3 of each and left the other 2 skeins. I had them in front of me and another friend and I were looking at them. I told her if she wanted them she should get them. So she did and so the end of that skein, or so I thought. But then last week that yarn came back, she returned it. A friend that works there had it but she decided she didn’t want it and passed it along to another friend.  Then she decided she didn’t want it last Friday, so then it was in front of me. I knew it was destiny that it came back to me, but I needed to know what it was going to be if I bought it.
So I did, it’s very pretty, one of the better new colors from Tosh. I think it’s going to be a Sharktooth because the other 2 I knit were gifted to my mother and she loves them. But I miss having one of them and it was a fun knitting so I think the skein would be perfect for it. That yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in the colorway Marfa. I think it’s going to be a perfect Sharktooth.

I did visit another yarn shop yesterday, on my way up to Walnut Creek I stopped in Danville to a shop I had tried to visit 2 times prior but because of traffic I wasn’t able to get there in time. I finally got there and couldn’t have been more thrilled. This shop has yarns I can’t get in my local shop or the other few remaining. But the staff is also super friendly and the owner is such a sweet heart. The shop I’m talking about is A Yarn Less Raveled, not a large shop at all but is still full of wonderful treasures.

I walked around to see what all they had, even though I saw their impressive yarn selection online. I also had to cool down since it was 97F yesterday. Browsing around I was thinking about the designs I was working on and wanted to get something from there. I picked up a few things while I was there.  Here’s just a teaser picture of what I picked up, I’ll talk about them more… eventually…



The reason for 2

I’m still very glad that I listened to my friend and had a non-design project on the needles while designing. This design I’m working on is taking more math and more thinking then I anticipated.  There are a lot of charts and decisions that I needed to make that I am finding out about as I knit.  At least I don’t have to worry about no knitting. I’m still working on my Sports in the bright Fluro Rose from Madelinetosh. They will wake you up first thing in the morning, even without coffee nearby.  But lets just say in the morning you want me to have coffee nearby.

If you hadn’t seen before I posted a new pattern almost 2 weeks ago called Spring Iris, a 2 color mesh scarf/shawl. This design took me a while to get it to what it looks like now. I went through a lot of design iterations with different design elements and constructions. I wanted it to be light and airy and reminiscent of spring flowers.  I think that what I ended up with is exactly what I was looking for.  I am very pleased by how it turned out and I hope you all enjoy it.

Finally summer is in full swing now, it’s in the low to mid 90s here and I really want it to be fall already.  I don’t do well in the heat and on top of that it makes it difficult to knit with wool.  I’m still wanting to work with silk and other  cooler fibers, but the two things on the needles need to be finished before that happens.  Or at the very least the shorts need to be completed before a cooler project comes along.

I’ll have a fun little story next time about a yarn that made its way back to me.

And you thought that was bright?

Well you haven’t seen anything yet. Yes my second spice market is pretty and it’s bright, but my next plain knitting is bright. They’re the sports by Stephen West and in Fluro Rose.  You should be able to see me from space when I knit them or wear them. 

I’m still chugging along on the design, still can’t tell you what it is. It’s going to be smell I me before it’s ready for prime time. But another design is almost ready for release. Stay tuned for that. 

It’s so colorful

My needles are just on fire lately.  I just finished my second On the Spice Market this week, took about 2 weeks to do, but not bad at all.  When I finished it I sat there thinking, what am I going to work on next.  I remembered I had been neglecting the deal with my design knitting, having a simple project along with having a design.  I felt a little guilty, but not that much.  I had a lot of fun knitting both of them, for different reasons.  The first was a great scraps project while the other has a special meaning.  Not to mention it’s bright and colorful, which is my thing.  I haven’t blocked the second On the Spice Market just yet, actually getting ready to do it right now.


I am back to the design I was working on before my obsession with the 7 colored knitting happened.  That design is coming along, slowly but surely.  I’m still very happy with how it’s coming out, I just need to get a bit further along and then I can get things really going. But until then I will have to just have a secondary autopilot knitting project going.  I thought maybe I should pull out some of the cotton yarn that I have (which isn’t that much in my stash) and make a tank for me.  I pulled out my swatch notebook and looked t the needles I would need.  I don’t have any spare and ready to go.  So I thought about something else that I could make instead.  I browsed through my queue in Revelry and stumbled apron something, something that I bought very bright yarn for.  So those got switched and cast on.  I won’t tell you what they are just yet, lets just say the Main Color is Fluro Rose from Madelinetosh.


Here’s a picture of the blocking Pride Market, I really like it.