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It sure has been a week, I have lots to talk about, so let’s get started.

On the needles

I had completely forgotten how close we had gotten to the holiday season, so I had to really kick it into high gear. Ever year I think I’m more and more surprised how fast the year goes and how I always plan on starting early and then never do. This year I have more time to be able to make gifts, so I’m taking advantage of that.




This is the Boneyard Shawl in Misty Mountain Farm Prime Alpaca. The first picture is before blocking and second is blocking. I think it really shows how much a little water and time can help. I knit this on US size 10 needles, double stranding the whole way. I don’t have a lot left either, I had to stop shorter then I wanted to go on the garter border, but I’m still pleased with it. This is a gift for my mom. She actually requested this heathered black yarn.

The hat is making little progress, but it’s still quite lovely. The hand spun is fun to work with, which is interesting because I am a spinner but I generally don’t knit with my own hand spun. I will either sell it or give it away. So for me this is nice to be able to knit with some hand spun even if it isn’t mine.


I find myself picking up my crochet hook once again, I think that my reason is justified (or so that’s what I tell myself). Tomato The Frog Prince is what made me pick up the hook again, isn’t he so cute? I knew I had to make one (at least) of these as soon as I saw it. I’m using a bunch of sock yarn scraps using a B hook. I have to say its fun to do and the pattern is very well written and we’ll worth the price. The designer does a very good job explaining techniques and giving you lots and lots of diagrams and information to make sure you can make a frog prince of your own.



Other shenanigans

Before starting the boneyard shawl I was working on my sweater that I talked about last week. I had to put it down because I had gotten to the sleeve and I didn’t have a cable for my interchangeable needles that was long enough to magic loop (yes I’m one of those knitters, I love the technique though). I had to promptly get some more cables and so I ordered 4 different sizes. Hiya Hiya SHARPS have become my favorite needles to work with (yes I’ve used signatures but for me being a tight knitter their join on the non sock needles causes my yarn to snag, the hiya hiya have a similar join but I have no problems).


That’s the motif on the back of the sweater, I’m very pleased with it so far. The first picture has a better color representation of the yarn.

I better get back to work, need to get some sleeve done and get some more gifts completed.