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There are moments where you have no idea why you do something, what came over you must have been the cause of a fantasy. Usually that fantasy is, at least for me, what things will be like after this thing is over with. Sometimes it’s just for no good reason you get this idea, regardless the reason, or lack there of there is that idea planted into your brain.

For me I got this crazy idea a few days ago to pull out all of the bins of yarn that I have (all varying sizes) and see what I have and so my best to touch it all and to see what all I have. I let this idea come and go for a few days, but no matter what I did, it kept coming back. So on Monday (that could be a clue) I decided to go ahead and do it. I started pulling out the smallest bins and opening them, looking at the yarn, remembering where I bought them, if they had a purpose or not. Some I knew what design idea I wanted to make with them, others I knew I bought it because the yarn told me to. And to be fair I do have a spinning fiber stash, but it wasn’t included in this stash airing. It’s jot that big to be honest, but there is still a bit of it.

So as I go through the small bins I get the idea to sort them by weight and by dyer if I can. Since a good chunk of my stash is Madelinetosh I knew this could work. (To be fair a really good chunk of my stash is hand dyes from varying dyers, but I digress). After I did the small bins I searched in drawers and other bins to see what other Tosh I could find, but only in skein form and I couldn’t put any that I had more then 2 of into the small bin (like sweater quantity).

Then I looked at the largest bin I have and thought “oh, well what if I put ALL of my Tosh in that bin and just have a Tosh bin.” So I removed all of the yarn I had and then I pulled all the tosh into the bin. I looked at it, separated into sections of lace (silk lace stayed in a small bin), sock, merino light, pashmina, merino dk, and dk, all occupying their own space to the point that the bin is FULL. And it’s not even all of the tosh, there’s at least another bin of the same size I could fill with more tosh.

After I cleaned up and let the wool fumes die down I went back to my knitting, a little afraid that my stash had grown too large for its own good. But then I think, “well it’s an investment into the future, for when bad times come and you just can’t buy any yarn because of whatever reason.” And to some extent this has been true, due to some unforeseen things happening in my life. Nothing major, but just meant I was going to be knitting purely through stash, and I’m good with that.

My cardigan is making some nice progress, one sleeve is done completely and I did block the whole thing again to make sure everything looks good before I do the other sleeve and the button bands. It blocked beautifully. The yarn, which I’m enjoying more and more, really shows off the traveling stitches, and the pattern shows off the yarn.


After some fiddling with my phones settings I was able to get the color closer to what it actually looks like (I am investing in a good DSLR soon, but until that happens my phones camera will do). The traveling stitches just look stunning and I’m very happy with it. I just want it to be ready to wear already, but first a sleeve and button bands need to be knit. Then the adventure to find the perfect buttons will have to commence.