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I’m changing up how the blog gets structured, let me know what you think.

I won’t deny that I like to spin yarn, it’s soothing, fun, creative, and you get some fantastic yarn after. I will fess up though, I haven’t been spinning as much as I would like. My Lendrum sits in the corner, looking at me, pleading for me to pull up a chair and spin. But for some reason the siren song of knitting has won. I don’t know why that is, I have lovely fiber (especially what I recently got from an Anzula trunk show, a.k.a. Falling down), I have a lovely wheel, so I’m not sure what it is. Which got me thinking, what reason could get me to not spin? I’m discarding the reasons I can’t use my wheel right now due to medical (don’t worry it’s almost over and I can use the wheel again).

I realized that it’s partially my knitting enchanting me more with patterns I want to knit or design. Not only that but also I think because I like to spin very fine, like 3 ply sock yarn fine. Kind of like the picture below (which I spun months ago, just needed to get set, measured, and skeined).



This is Abstract Fiber mixed merino and silk roving in Pacific, it is like spinning crack butter, I will need to get more.

Since I like to spin very fine I need to spin at a higher ratio and on top of that I like to spin very fast and I just can’t keep up. The rate I can go and the wheel can go are completely different. Keeping in mind that I am using a stock double treadle Lendrum. I’ve looked into getting some of the upgrades for my wheel, the fast flyer would be great so I can get a higher ratio and don’t have to treadle so hard to get the amount of twist I need to get the very fine singles I like to spin. But that’s not it, I am also not a fan of the winding of the traditional flyers. I know about a woolee winder and have tried one but I didn’t like how it changed the feel of the wheel.

I have been staring at Hansen Crafts website for their e-spinner, which I’ve heard rave reviews. Keep in mine I’ve been looking at their website for months, wondering what it would be like to own one of them. If I got one I’d get it in maple just like the Lendrum, but with the woolee winder flyer. The reason why is that I don’t like the feel of the woolee winder when it’s on a wheel with treadles because of how using the treadles changes in feel and the force used (at least for me). Since the Hansen is electric and doesn’t need manual power then the issue I have with the woolee winder is gone and only the benefit remains. But if I did get it I would need to get more bobbins the care kit and lubricant. A large investment for sure but I think it would be worth it. And they’re pretty and quiet and I could spin lots of yarn faster. Maybe even for a design or two I have cooking up.

Honestly it isn’t the wheel at all I think it’s the oh new shiny that I’m more interested in. I might have to do it since I’ve been looking at it for so long but I’m just not sure yet. More thinking is needed.

The cardigan is almost done, finishing the first button band and then I have to knit the second, sew them in, find buttons, sew in buttons, sew in ends, and one final block. It’s the home stretch, but I did have to switch the button bands because they would be on the “wrong” side for me if I didn’t, but no big deal.

I did start a design a few days ago and I’m pleased with it so far and the yarn I’m using,I think it will be really interesting once it’s done. More to come on that though.

And of course I’m working on some last minute quick holiday knitting…but thankfully I have plenty of time to finish.