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For a lot of us we are running down to the wire on knitting gifts, some are panicking and knitting with needles ablaze. While others are done with their knitting gifts and are calmly knitting and sipping their tea (at least that’s what in doing). I have finished all of the gift knitting that I need to do (keeping in mind I have some others that aren’t done but I know I won’t see those recipients for a few weeks so I have time).

Unfortunately the weather here where I’m at isn’t that good and the lighting hasn’t been good yesterday or today, so I don’t have any photos to show this time.

I finished all of the knitting on my Reverb Cardigan, now I just have to sew in the second button band, sew in the buttons, ends, block, and wear proudly. I am very happy with how it turned out, once it’s done I’ll have to get some pictures of me in it.

I’ll have some more to post about next time, this hasn’t really been a very eventful knitting week so far. It’s been a get things done and now it’s time to rest and relax with my tea, a sock, and some good podcasts.