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I’m actually not referring to this time of year or that those who celebrate a certain holiday have only 4-5 days left to get the last of their shopping, baking, preparing, cleaning, or most importantly, knitting completed. I know I refuse to go anywhere this time of year just because of how insane it is. I remember a few years ago I was driving to the big mall here with my mum, because we thought about doing something there (I can’t remember exactly, but we both regretted even attempting going). I was the one driving because I needed the practice and apparently I think that’s where I learned to be a defensive driver, I kid you not we were in almost 4 accidents because other people were not paying attention and too much into their own holiday crazed state they shouldn’t have been driving. That’s like a side effect of a narcotic a doctor gives you qnd they tell you do NOT drive when taking this. I think the holiday craze drug also has that warning, yet people do it anyways. Thankfully I was a good enough driver to avoid those accidents and I think we decided to just leave without even doing what we planned on. And that’s another reason I’m staying inside…

When I said that it wasn’t an eventful week I was kind of fibbing slightly. It’s not that it hasn’t been an exciting and fiber/yarn filled week, but some of it I can’t talk about yet. Yes part of it is about a design of mine that I’m close to publishing, I’m working on getting photos taken, but there is something else, which I will talk about at a later date. The other part is that I test knit a pattern and the designer isn’t ready to publish just yet, so I can’t really talk about it. All I can say is that it is a neat pattern, I want to knit more and more of it.

What I can talk about is that I have finished my Skew Socks out of Madelinetosh Sock in colorway Amaranth. These have been on the needles for a few months. I cast them on when I went to Montréal this summer, as a quick and easy knit that I didn’t have to pay too much attention to. I’ve knit a pair of these before for someone else, and I liked the construction so much that I had to make at least one pair for myself. This was the color I knew I would make Skews out of, so when I came back I had the first sock done to the cuff, just needed a little bit more cuff and then bind off. They were languishing and when I remembered they were there (and I wanted the needle for something else…) I figured I should whip out the second sock. So a day later (I’m not kidding…) I had the second sock. I took the pair, blocked them and I love them. They’re bright, cheerful, interesting, and mine.



Since I’ve been out for a bit for medical reasons I’ve had time to knit. While I’ve been out my father has been extremely helpful with a lot of things and I’m very lucky and fortunate for his help. I always tell him thank you, but it noticed that he has been wearing more long sleeves and hats. I figured that I don’t knit a lot for him, just because he doesn’t generally wear knits, besides a beanie or two. I saw him wear one a I made a few years ago and it’s showing some wear. So I thought it would be nice to make him a nice and simple one as a thank you/holiday gift. I pulled out a skein on Madelinetoah DK in Ink and I went to town. I knit the Jacques-Couteau Hat, simple, ribbed, looks good, and whipped that out.

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I think he will like it, I like it, I might have to make one for myself… Maybe.

Interweave Knit Lab had never been something I wanted to go to, but after hearing good things about it and a friend of mine wanted to go, I decided why not. This was not this month, I think it was end of October, early November, I can’t remember. Regardless we went and it was small, much smaller then I thought, but was still lovely. There was resisting spending any money, some yarn spinning deals, and me finally buying 2 pairs of socks worth of yarn from The Amy Lee Show who is so sweet and lovely, not to mention her yarn is gorgeous and rich. She hand dyes a lot of different yarns, but she has this self striping that is amazing and my friend got me to buy some of her yarn. The second skein is colorway Vintage Christmas, along with some heels and toes in a nice deep red. I started them last night and I have not knit vanilla socks by hand in a long time (mainly I pull out my sock machine and crank away, he’s over 100 years old and I restored him, and makes gorgeous socks), but since I can’t sit in front of him right now, by hand is what I need to do. I had a difficult time getting the right number of stitches for my long but narrow feet. I think I should have them done by next week.


That leads to me thinking to add my stash to Ravelry, add photos and all of that. I must have been too caffeinated or something cause I started yesterday. It’s not an easy task because I have to get the yarn out when the lighting is just right and I have quite a bit of yarn so I have to just do it in chunks. Otherwise the yarn might just attack me and drown me in their wooly grasps, but I digress. I will be happy to have my full camera set up (I’ve decided which camera, now I just need to get it, the Canon 70D if you’re wondering). Till then my phones camera is doing an adequate job.

Back to those socks, I hope I don’t have to rip back again.