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I hope that everyone had a fun and safe New Years and is ready to start this year fresh, I know I am. There are a lot of things I want to do this year, lots of things I want to design, spin, knit, well you get the idea. With the new year it brings a lot of possibilities and for me it brings a year full of designs that I have waiting in the wing to be knit. The first of those you will see soon enough, until those are ready and I have teasers to show I will have to talk about something else.

I’m a sucker for hand dyed yarn and fiber, because I know the work that goes into them. That and I think they give hand knits a bit of life and character. Not that I don’t like how commercial knit up, I think they are great too, it’s just that something about hand dyed yarn that gets me. Recently when I was looking through some of my favorite hand dyers websites I saw a few things that I really liked and thought if I decided to get them I would have to wait. If they still were there it was meant to be and if not then oh well. There was some fiber from one dyer that I wanted but when I was ready to buy it and convinced it was meant to be, I found out that it wasn’t. Not a problem through because I think I can do a custom order for that color. But there was a dyer that the item I wanted was still there and some other things just flew into my cart (not really but you know what I mean) and before I knew it I had a box a few days ago. That dyer is Miss Babs who is incredibly sweet, funny, and has an amazing color sense. I love how her colors are deep and rich, but then can be very subtle and subdued.

The yarn that got me first is in her fingering weight called “Yummy” and it is very yummy. The color way is called coffee break and the idea of having some nice socks in this color really made me want it. Having a pair of coffee break socks while relaxing at home with a cup of coffee, well needless to say it got me. (my pictures don’t so any of what I bought justice, I’m working on learning my new camera as fast as I can).


Then I made the decision to look through her fiber and then I had 3 braids in my cart. True first being a BFL top 4oz in the colorway Dark Secrets, which is lovely deep purples and some black and it’s stunning. It makes me think of dark Victorian fabric, it’s just stunning. (Again my pictures don’t do it justice).


Next is a 80/20 Merino/Tussah Silk Top, which feels as good as it sounds. It’s in the colorway Monster Mash, which is all kinds of fun. It haas this yellow lime green, a forest green, bits of rust orange, magenta, and deep colored bits. It will be really fun once it’s spun up, not sure how it’s going to be spun, but anyway it’s spun it will be gorgeous.


The last bit of fiber is a 50/30/20 Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk Top, which also feels as good as it sounds. It’s in the colorway Shaken Not Stired, which makes my inner James Bond fan squeal with glee. It is interesting blues, with some pale greys, and spots of this fun green. I’m thinking it will have to be a shawl once it grows up from fiber.


All 4 of these colors are Babettes, which means they are one of a kinds and are not normal colors to be repeated. So if you go to her website (or see her at a show, like I will be doing at Stitches West) you should buy it if you really like it and it makes you itch to cast on or start spinning. Which I know one of these braids will be spun up once I have bobbins free for them.

I can’t wait to see how all of them work up as yarn or finished objects. I might have to keep these yarns once they’re spun, which I generally don’t keep my hand spun and knit it myself, but that I think is changing…I better get my bobbins free, have to finish that baby camel and merino first.