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I just have to say, I really enjoy spinning with merino, camel, silk, yak, BFL, and any combination of these. I say this because I finished spinning the camel/merino from Anzula. It’s gorgeous, subtle, soft, and spun very interestingly. I decided to spin it 2-ply, fractal spun. It’s an interesting way to change how the color lays with the other colors and it’s just interesting.


Yes that’s a sock book below the bobbin (yes I had it before, I sold it when I got my sock knitting machine thinking I’ll never knit socks by hand again, I was wrong). I’m thinking of doing something very interesting/fun/insane. I want to knit every pair of socks in one of my sock books, looking at Cookie A’s books, but it could be fun to take every construction in Cat Bordhi’s book and knit all of them, and then maybe design socks with the techniques (not in the time frame). I was thinking to do this all in 2014, finishing all of the socks from whatever book I decide to knit from. I would still knit plain socks too for when I can’t concentrate on a pattern, but I think this could be really fun. Or maybe I should have more caffeine and really think this through.

Designs will keep coming, don’t worry, like the ones that are in the pipeline, one might be released soon. I haven’t been knitting that much though, though I did take all of the ends for my cardigan, split the yarn to its plies, and sewed all of the plies in. I think this will be good for the fiber that the yarn is composed of, keeping the ends from pulling out all over. It’s blocking now, mocking me, hopefully I can sew in the buttons in the next day or so. I can’t wait to wear and enjoy it, though being as warm as I am we will see how the fiber blend is for that.

I did start up spinning some PiegeonRoof Studios superwash merino fiber, but I don’t know what the colorway is, I’ll have to find the tag. It’s gorgeous and I think I’m going to 3-ply it (Navajo ply) and maybe knit one of the Cat Bordhi construction socks. I’m enjoying it, superwash merino is one of my favorites after all, see above about that.



I’ll be taking the camel/merino off the bobbin in a day or so, so that it has enough time for the yarn to rest before I set the twist.

P.S. All the photos were taken with my new camera, still learning the ropes of it, but it’s an improvement, right?