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I’ve come to realize the last few days that there is a point in a designer’s process, where something can make or break a design. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, it could be the yarn choice, it could be the shaping, the construction, it could be a myriad of things. I found out what mine is, that pivotal point in a design that will make or break it for me, and that is the finishing part of that design. Whatever you design or knit, there is a finishing part to it (and no I’m not referring to sewing in ends, seaming etc), like the collar of a sweater, the toe (or cuff) of a sock, how the hat is shaped, or (in my current design) the border of a shawl. I’m working on a design right now that I am so happy with the entire body, it’s come out differently from what I first thought it would be like, but that’s not a bad thing. The design has evolved with every stitch, it’s original concept/idea is still there, just with a lot more refinement. But I realized something as the border loomed closer, if I don’t do the right border it will destroy the design. All of that hard work and all of that time would have been for nothing, but something that I would wonder “why did I decide to do THAT?” Yes I do know I could rip out the border and try again, but it’s still that first image of a complete shawl that has a horrible border that would taunt me.

I know myself and I know that if I didn’t like the border after I was completely done I would just put it away, to never see the light of day, to be ignored and to be forgotten. I think that no knitting should ever have that kind of punishment, not even if it really wronged you. That’s why I think for me when I get to the border I get really nervous. I want to give it it’s final piece that makes everything just finish like a great composition, those last few measures which complete it (I’m speaking musically, if you don’t know what a measure is, simply it’s kind of like a sentence, and multiple measures make up a song [I’m probably going to have other musicians get at me for calling it a sentence, I’m just a wee bit rusty with my music skills, just haven’t had the time to practice, clarinet, piano, and vocal, if you were curious]). This shawl is at that point, it needs that border that will make it shine and that will make me go “wow, that was an amazing choice, I am so pleased with it.” But getting there is hard, trying different border ideas, charting a few different ideas, sketching, pondering, trying a border I thought might work but then saw it was the COMPLETELY wrong border and took it right out.

This border has been bugging me for days now. I can’t say it’s kept me from sleeping or from doing other things, but when I even think about knitting or anything knitting related it comes to my mind. I sit and spin and think of what am I going to do (I’m spinning with some fantastic PigeonRoof Studios Superwash Merino still). Then late one night the idea came to me, how to make the border just what was needed. I’m letting the idea kind of marinate for a little bit so I can make sure it’s right before I grab the needles and apply it, but I think it’s going to be amazing.

I’m really itching to cast on one of Cat Bordhi’s socks, I can’t decide what yarn to use, or which sock will be first. I have to look at my stash and see what I have that is calling to me. Though come to think of it, the yarn I’m spinning has a strong possibility of being some yarn to knit with right away. And it’s going to be a light 3 ply fingering weight, so this might work out well. As with the knitting through one of Cookie’s sock books, I haven’t thought about which one I want to do yet. I do know whichever one I choose I would need to get some more semi solid yarns, I have some yarn in the stash but some are in pairs of skeins and they are intended for more designs for down the road. Stitches would be a good excuse to get some more, I’m going to have to contemplate this.