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Just a random fact before I start into the body of this post, I do most if not all of these post on my tablet. Not only that but I type them with my thumbs, I did try a Bluetooth keyboard, but that one didn’t work out (I won’t tell you the brand, they have good products, I just got a funky one). I did order a different one and I am just waiting for it to ship at the end of the month, preorders take forever. So yes, I do type sigh my thumbs, so I try to be diligent with grammar and spelling, but sometimes I make mistakes so bare with me.

I think after the massive amount of knitting I had done at the end of last year, because it was recovering I might have burned out myself on knitting. I mean I still do it and still enjoy it but I haven’t been picking up my needles as much. I am still working on the project I can’t talk about yet and the other design. Both are going along splendidly.

I am working on the Slade Cardigan out of some Madelinetosh Dk in Mare, which is gorgeous. This sweater will be nice and cuddly when it’s chilly outside. Though make sure to mark what size you’re making so you don’t forget and have to figure it out. That and I think I adjusted the gauge for the yarn, so that took longer then I wanted to figure it out. Any modifications I make I’ll out on the project in Ravelry, once I actually add it to my Ravelry…

Spinning is going marvelously though, I finished spinning the PigeonRoof studios super wash merino in the color way Chard. I let it sit for two days on the bobbin to let the extra twist relax, however I should have waited another day. I plied it last night and it’s gorgeous. I decided to spin it tight and fine, then Navajo ply it to make a gorgeous 3-ply. I wasn’t disappointed, this yarn has depth, interest, and will be so much fun to knit. I think it’s going to be a pair of socks.

Singles being plied:

Plied on the bobbin:


I started right away the BFL and silk I got in the SweetGeorgia fiber club and it spins like a dream. I’m letting the fiber guide me and it was to be super thin and tightly spun. I’m going to Navajo ply it too (surprise!!) to kept the colors clear and neat. Maybe it will be a shawl after I’m done with it. All I know is that I’m really liking this blend and do the colors are making me think of spring. Which with the strange weather we are having here in California it feels like spring. I’m a little afraid of this weather and want my cooler weather back.

Ok let’s talk about the crazy, brilliant, interesting idea I had about knitting through a sock book. Knit Sock Love will be the book I knit through, I haven’t decided if I’m going to jump around, cover to cover, or a combo of both. I do know that it will be a challenge to knit all of those socks this year, along with everything else. However it will be worth it in the end, having all of those socks and learning a lot from the book. I had to look in my stash to see if it could support that many patterned socks and it couldn’t. So I got some more yarn on Friday so I can knit some of the socks. I think that will be another post. If you’re interested in joining me in this endeavor please let me know, the more the merrier.