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If you haven’t been following the weather lately, things have been interesting all over. I am not in the place where the polar vortex has hit, but I’m in California. We have been having air that has not been moving, which can be worrisome. It has been like spring during the day and a mild fall during the night, where I am anyway. However today we have our first real shift in weather, rain. There are people that don’t like rain, I’m not one of those people. I like seeing the different shades of grey in the sky, the cooler air, the wind, and the rain. I love the sound of it, walking through it, everything about.


There is just something about rain that makes me happy, I can’t describe it.

My spinning hadn’t made too much progress this week so far, I’m going to try to spin tonight. My knitting is going, at a crawl, but still going. I’ll post more when I have more knitting done. I think knitting while listening to the rain is in order.