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Welcome abord matey, you are on a journey sailing the high seas.  I hope you have your effects in order because we are casting off soon.  The sea is an exciting place, nothing but you,t he ship and the open sea.  However the seas can be a dangerous place, full of danger, and not to mention it can be cold while sailing.  


Meet Drogue, a 2 colored scarf/shawl that is perfect for those cold nights on watch.  


Drogue is a nautical term for a device that is used to slow the ship down in a storm.  This design came from my fascination with sailing.  The colors I chose (the one on the right) were to mimic gentle or not so gentle movement of the sea.  




The two samples that are shown are in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Cousteau and Esoteric, and the other is Abstract Fiber Alto in Silver and Turquoise.  



I am so happy with how these both turned out and the photography as well.  We were fighting the light the whole time, but in the ned we got some really good shots.  If you are going to be at Stitches West this year and want to see these in person, visit the Abstract Fiber booth (1039) to see the sample pictured here.  I will also be wearing, or at the very least having the Madelinetosh version with me.  More details about Stitches will come in a future post.  

Here’s the direct link to the pattern in Ravelry, Drogue.