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I knew that taking on knitting a full cardigan within 2 weeks would be difficult with everything that is going on, but I didn’t know how crazy I was. If years prior i was able to have a small chunk of time dedicated everyday to knit up a storm. Right now I’m in school, taking the most credits I ever have, trying to power through the last few semesters I have left. On top of that I work part time, sometimes right after school. With work on weekends and all the homework, my knitting time has been far and few between. I diligently swatched before the start time, got gauge (did a happy dance after two failed gauges), wound my yarn, and was all set. Last Friday I had ever intention to get further then I did, well that could be said about everyday since then as well.

It’s interesting what things win when your time is limited. Homework had to be done, it’s not going to do itself (I wish there was an app for that, a robot, or something, and at the end what was learned was out into my brain). Laundry still had to be done along with eating and all of the normal things. Sleep is one that usually falls by the wayside, but when you’re pulling 15-18 hour days, attending hours and hours of lectures, doing so much homework, working, sleep wins. Yesterday I would have had time but the replacing of the modem (which should solve our glitchy internet) took more time then anticipated, due to a malfunctioning new unit. Don’t worry it was returned and we got a new one, I just have to instal it later. Today I thankfully have a break between obligations and I just have to take a breath.

I pulled out the cardigan and I remember how much I want it. And I want it now, the color is perfect, the pattern is perfect, the fit will be perfect, and it’s a cardigan so I will actually wear it. But I need to knit more on it, but here is so far.


Would love to have this up to the underarm by tomorrow night, we will see about that though.