Time is something that I wish I could have a lot more of. If there were days of the week that had 36 hours in it I would be able to get so much more done. Especially on days that I have a full schedule then I would actually have time to do other things other then the important I have to do things. In between all of the obligations I just can’t do it all, something has to give. Unfortunately that is my knitting time which is piddly at this point. I try to knit in the morning with my morning cup of mandatory coffee. It’s only mandatory because I need it to function at least in a very basic capacity. Besides the knitting in the morning and a little bit on public transit on the way to school, that’s all. When I get home late at night I’m exhausted to the point I can’t get my hands to do anything but lay dormant, waiting for more energy and less tired.

I did get into the double digits on the body of my cardigan. I have about 2-3 more inches until I cast on the sleeves and then attach them to the body and knit the collar. I might be able to start a sleeve today, if I can read/study while knitting in pattern on the body. I wish I could sleep and knit, would make for a lot of production knitting, but that is only a fantasy.

I will say though, with all of this weird weathers e have been having here, there have been some fantastic sunsets.


I have about 5 days to complete this cardigan? That’s completely doable right?