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I think it is safe to say I will not finish my cardigan in time for the ravollinic games. I would have been a lot further along if I was going to even make it. But right now I only have the bottom part of the body, almost to the underarms. It’s that pesky thing about time that keeps it from progressing more then it has. I wanted this done before stitches so I could wear it. I have to admit defeat on this one and just keep going on it until I can get it done. I’m trying to use what little time I have to knit on it and so far it helps, but not enough. In years previous I was able to complete everything because I had enough solid time in order to knit and right now I just don’t have it.  I wave the white flag for mercy.

The Sweet Georgia fiber has been partially plied as well for at least a week now.  I love how it is coming out, but it’s again that time thing. I did want to complete it before the next shipment came in so that I could feel accomplished. However yesterday I had a small package show up at my doorstep and inside was this month’s shipment of fiber. Now I knew that with a club you don’t know what you’re going to get at all, which I knew I wasn’t going to like all of the shipments. This one I really like the base because it is one that I really wanted to try, but I wish that it was superwash, that is not a big deal though. The color is one that I wouldn’t have chosen ever for myself. It’s not a bad color at all, I will spin with it as soon as I have the time, but I think this will be a spin and release, which means I’ll give or sell it to whomever wants it at the end. It’s a merino, silk, and bamboo blend, which I think will be so much fun to spin.

Tomorrow is the first day of Stitches West 2014, if you are attending and will be there tomorrow come and say hi to me if you see me.  I will be wearing the Madelinetosh Drogue and the Abstract Fiber Drogue will be in Abstract Fiber’s Booth 1039.  I will be there from opening till sometime in the afternoon on Friday.  I might come in on Sunday, but check here or on the Tyger Knits Form on Ravelry.

Drogue will be having a $2 off promotion for stitches, starting tomorrow and going for at least till Sunday.  I’ll keep you posted on the end date.