No I am not making hats and having fun with mercury, that is completely not what I’m talking about. I’m going to refer mad hatting as the fact that I will be working on the social pressure experiment, but not only that I will be still knitting through the book Knit. Sock. Love. by Cookie A.  So let’s talk about the social pressure experiment, I was debating if I really wanted to do it, since it would be slightly difficult. However the benefits of doing it, I think, would outweigh any of the short term negative effects that might come along. (And this was supposed to go out a few days ago, but life got in the way.)

The rules (modified for me)
– I will not be purchasing any new yarn or fiber for about a year
– If I finish a project, I’m allowed to purchase 1/2 of the quantity finished in a similar yarn weight, yardage, etc
– If I don’t complete a project and I buy anything new I have to give up double of an equivalent from stash
– If I have a design that needs yarn, I have to complete a design from yarn that is in stash already
– Some events will be grandfathered in that they will not count towards these rules stated above (Monterey Wool Auction for me might be grandfathered in)

So a benefit for the readers is that I could be putting out a lot more patterns because I have to finish them before I can get more yarn for a design. Which I have one that is almost ready for testing, but I have to finish it. Especially because I have a really good idea for a series but I have to get yarn for it.

Also I have been bitten hard by the weaving bug. I bought a older loom a year or 2 ago on ebay, I have not actually really used it or learned the techniques to use it. I did see a sale on craftsy and I saw that the weaving classes were included, so I went ahead and bought the 2 rigid headle classes and watched the first and half of the second. I’m so excited to put the loom back together and actually bust through some stash and have some lovely hand woven stuff. Which I have already had a special love for nicely woven items. For some reason weaving towels, scarves, among other things get me really itching to pick up the loom. There is just something about weaving that makes me really excited. I want to use my handspun in some hand weaving, which just tickles my fancy. I think that I will have to start weaving very soon.

I did finish another Shark Tooth for my mom, but I did have a brainless time while knitting it. I’ll show you when it’s blocked.