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I realize that this post is very late, there were really good intentions on getting more blog posts up when I was off for spring break last week.  But things just happened and I think that I just needed some time to recover and get my brain back to a solid state.  The amount of time i was spending doing school, work, homework, studying, etc was turning my brain to a warm brain like soup.  No it was still contained in my head thankfully, but I just needed something to get it back to a more solid state and make me less of a brain dead zombie.

You may be wondering about the title of this post, yes I am also making a weaving reference.  I dug out the cheap rigid heddle loom out of the closet, got the two rigid heddle classes on Craftsy on sale and decided that I was going to learn to weave.  The 5 project rule will apply for it, if I complete 5 projects and keep going then I’m allowed to upgrade the loom to maybe a table loom, or getting a wider loom (which this one is about 21″ and so that’s still pretty good).  I have fallen for weaving, I’ve always had this fascination with the look and feel of woven fabric but I never knew  would like weaving so much.  The loom was warped for the first time with me and promptly produced a scarf in two colors of Shepard’s Wool.  Right after another scarf warped on with Cascade Herritage sock and the weft is Amitola, in a rainbow color way which makes me very happy.  There are plans to make some hand towels on it in the near future, use some handspun yarn on it too, the possibilities are endless.  Once this scarf is done then only 3 projects to go and I’ll be able to upgrade my equipment.  We will have to see if that will actually happen due to all the time constrains right now.  For those who are wondering, yes finished woven projects will count towards a finished object and yardage, which I think is still very fair.

The social pressure experiment is working very well, even with lots of temptation.  I would go into my LYS for knit day/night and I would look around and see wonderful yarns, yarns I would love to work with.  For example SweetGeorgia DK in this lovely Emerald Green that would be perfect for a cardigan, but I would have to give up 4200 yards, nope.  Madelinetosh Dandelion in Tart, would have to give up 2500 yards, I have plenty of Tosh in stash. Or oh look at all of this summer yarn that would be perfect for summer knits and you should get some so you can make something for the warm weather that will be here sooner then you realize.  Well I have some in stash I haven’t used so I’ll wait.

I did finish the second SharkTooth out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Forestry.  I had a error while working on this with my limited brain functionality (I think that when I was reading the directions my brain just said keep working as such, autopilot is now enabled) but it doesn’t look bad at all.  I’m still quite pleased with it, but this one is also for my mom.  I think that I will have to make just one more for me, but out of the color the pattern calls for, since there are 2 skeins of it in my stash.

Finally the Little Wave Cardigan is done being knit, it’s blocked, ends for the most part are woven in, and all that needs doing is sewing the second pocket, and adding the buttons.  First I have to find some buttons for it, there wasn’t anything at the LYS that really made me want to buy and sew them on right away.  Well to be fair I’m not that much of a fan of sewing to begin with and the idea of sewing in buttons sounds just as fun as watching paint dry, but I love cardigans.  Dilemma?  Why yes I do have one, I know I’ll get buttons and put them in, just in time for summer…  Once it turns fall again you know it will come out and be worn for all of the 5 seconds that I can actually wear long sleeves.  For those of you who don’t, I run at a warmer body temperature so I can’t really wear long sleeves or pants that often.  Most of the time it’s short sleeves and shorts and that is very comfortable for me.  It’s insane that I knit these sweaters and other wool things for myself, but someday I’ll be somewhere colder where I can actually appreciate my handy work.  For now they’re just admired and kept waiting for that time when they’re needed.

The newest thing that is on the needles is a nymphalidea. I wasn’t sure if I was going to start one in the near future but once I saw two of my knitting friends work on and finish theirs I was hooked. According to the social pressure experiment I had to stash dive. I knew I wanted to use the Crazy Zauberball in the color 1702 kleiner fuchs. It is such a fun color, bright, and makes me happy every time it see it and work with it. For he contrast I tried one yarn and I wasn’t happy. I ripped it out and pulled out a different skein, Madelinetosh Merino Light in what we believe to be Stovepipe. This made it way better, I’m so happy with it so far. Every time I get a few minutes to work on it, it makes me so happy.


And with this rainy weather you know that I should be wearing that little wave cardigan, except it needs those buttons and slight sewing. Oh well, it’ll be ready for the next time. Buttons….