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It’s always interesting to find out what projects will actually keep out attention the longest, get done the fastest, and even not bore us to tears when you kind of expected them to. I haven’t had a lot of those experiences over my entire knitting career, but when you get one it’s fantastic. The last one that I had that was like that was Color Affection. I even made two of those, but not going for a third. The pattern that I recently finished knitting and had me completely thrilled through was Nymphalidea. I think it was a good combo between yarn chosen and the pattern. I think I just had a perfect storm that made this even more of an interesting knit. I used a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in stovepipe and a skein of Zauberball Crazy in color Kleiner Fuchs. That Zauberball is such a fun color, it made me happy working with it and very happy to look at it. I’m sure if I actually wear it, it will make me very happy too.


Let’s talk social pressure experiment because with a finished object I’m sure you all are wondering about that now. I knit as much as I could out if those two balls of yarn so I can buy 420 yards of fingering weight. I also had my mom pay me for yarn in my stash so I could make a Baby Tea Leaves, so i consider only the paying for the yarn to count so another 255 yards of fingering weight for the experiment. And don’t worry I will talk about the baby tea leaves soon. That will have to wait for another entry. And finally I had two skeins left over of the 80/10/10 worsted from Madelinetosh sitting around, so I sold both, so 184 yards of worsted weight goes into the accumulated total.

Here’s something someone else brought up about the experiment, so I just get like for like or can I get different weights? The answer I thought of is, yes I can get a different weight but I have to do a yardage conversion. Before all of you panic that there will be math, don’t worry it’s simple math. Lets take for example I knit 400 yards of fingering weight yarn, but I want to buy some worsted weight yarn, I shouldn’t be able to buy 400 yards of worsted weight yarn. I’m going to use a standard measure of conversion, using Cascade’s yardages as my Golden Standard.

Their yardage is as follows, Fingering Weight 437 yards, Sport Weight 164 yards, DK Weight 220 Yards, Worsted weight 220 yards. Generally I don’t go above worsted weight, but if I need to convert it I will deal with that when I get there. But wait the sport has less yards then the DK that makes no sense, well with that I will have to take it with a grain of salt, but this will be the gold standard. So lets say I used 400 yards of that fingering weight and I want to buy that worsted 437/220 = 400/x, simplifies to 437x = 88000, divide by 437 and I can buy about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. I know this sounds a little nuts that I have to convert yardage between weights but I figured this would be fair.

I was at my LYS on friday and I had some yarn in front of me that I have been wanting since it came in. I kept looking at it and looking at it, but I decided that I should wait and when I go to another Yarn Shop this summer I could buy more yarn there, because I will be finishing more projects between now and then of course. I might break down and get them, but I am not sure yet, its coming up on a month after officially starting the social pressure experiment and I’m feeling very good about it actually.

For now I do need to get back to my knitting, I need to accumulate yards.