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There are a lot of things that I really enjoy knitting on, specific kinds of patterns, textures, colors, etc. In general I really enjoy knitting stranded colorwork, cables, and some texture patterns (not all of them keep my interest). Lace is something that I do enjoy knitting on when I have the time needed to sit down and the mental capacity to follow a chart (or 10). Since summer is approaching as well I do not want some heavy sweater, blanket, scarf, or anything that sits on my lap and makes me even warmer. Lace is in general very light and if it does sit in my lap I generally am cooler then if I had a whole sweater in my lap. Add on to that I have a thing for pure silk lace yarn and you have a perfect storm. There is a bit of pure silk lace weight patiently waiting in stash for the right project to come along.

That right project came along when a specific opportunity came along. I generally will knit for those I deem worthy, having them give me a happy dance after they receive it, or begging for some knitting. I have a coworker that is getting married this year and compliments my knitting. She always tells me I should sell it because its worth a lot and it’s gorgeous, even though she knows that it would cost a lot of money to buy one. But since she is knit worthy and because she is getting married, I figured that she should get something special. Madrona is something that I have wanted to knit since I saw it come out. There is one picture of someone who knit it for her wedding, which gave me the inspiration for knitting it for someone’s wedding. With the pattern it needs the right yarn, which I have in stash. It’s Madelinetosh (aren’t you surprised) Silk Lace in color Silver Fox. I forgot how nice it is to work with pure silk, but also slightly challenging because it really does not have that much give to it. I’ve completed chart 2, just have to start chart 3. Which is difficult with lack of time…

But it is very pretty.