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I will put an advanced warning here that I will be talking a little bit about photography and the lunar eclipse that occurred late Monday Night/Early Tuesday Morning of last week. If you have no interested in reading anything like this then do not read the last bit of this entry, but if it does interest you then you should read the last bit of this entry.

Lets start with knitting first. I have finally started the first sock out of Knit Sock Love, finally. These are socks for a fellow knitting, because she likes the socks that I make, and she has worn out one of the pairs I have made her. Well they are extremely faded and will need replacing very soon. I was given yarn from her stash, some Canon Hand Dyes in Cheshire Cat. The pattern is Wedge, I am finding it quite interesting. Thankfully she has smaller feet then I do and so the little bit of cuff and leg that I have done has gone quite fast.

I did finish the Baby Tea Leaves, buttons sewed in, blocked and all. I was kind of surprised that it took longer to make the actual garment then I anticipated. I think it was because of the ruffling in the beginning yoke of the sweater. None the less I am very happy with it and I hope that the recipient is happy with it as well. It was knit out of Frog Tree Pediboo.


But what about the social pressure experiment implications? I have been thinking about this, since I am knitting something from stash (not my own however) and I’m not buying anything new. So what would be fair for me and the experiment? I think that once I complete the project and give the scrap yarn and the socks back to the owner I will put a skein of equal yardage into a “emergency fund.” What I mean by that is if I break down sometime and buy yarn when I haven’t earned it I can go ahead and pull from the emergency fund and use that yardage towards that purchase. If there is yardage left that wasn’t covered then the normal rules would apply. I think that this is a fair rule, do you agree?

Honestly I have not had a lot of time to do a lot of knitting, with finals coming up and still working my time to myself, to do anything fun, is very small. Thats one reason these blog entries are late and not as frequent as they should/used to be. I am working on fixing that, so in the event of crazy life events, I will have entries going up still. Finals are coming up, so that shall be interesting.

Finally lets discuss the lunar eclipse. I will say I was kind of disappointed with the eclipse in general. Not that the eclipse was not fun to watch, but there was a problem with the conditions that night. The sky was not the clearest, it had this kind of milky haze on it. That made it difficult to get some clear shots of the moon as it was entering the first shadow. Which the night before I took pictures outside to make sure I was able to get some shots of the moon, which I was because the sky conditions were very good. Because of that the photos aren’t as clear as the night prior. Not only that the moon was darker then anticipated. The combination of this and the milky sky, at least for me, did not equate to good pictures, or pictures at all. However the night prior I think I got some good pictures of the full moon, which I quite enjoy looking at.

If there is enough interest in seeing some of my non-knitting related photography I can post some up here and there. Let me know about that.