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It’s that time of year again, when the weather gets nice, the flowers come out to try to kill me with their pollen show us their beauty.  The days get longer, the nights warmer, and the days become somewhat of a dry inferno. Thankfully so far those days that are really hot are also coupled by a few days of cooler weather. I don’t know about you but I really don’t like hot weather, I generally warm warm like a furnace as just my normal. So having hot weather isn’t something I generally look forward to.

Something else that is this time of year is finals, for those who are still in school. They were the reason there was not blog entry last week, I was studying quite a bit for the finals that were happening. They still are not done, I have one more on wednesday. After that I will be free for a little bit at least to do a lot more knitting then I have been able to while in school and working at the same time.

For now all I can say is that I am knitting on a cardigan from stash, I will talk about that later in a more complete entry, after my last final is over. But I will say that I am enjoying knitting it immensely. And I will have to talk about the recent trip I took with some of my knitting friends up to a local yarn shop, in which I will have to let you all wait and see if I bought anything there.

But for now, making some breakfast with my second cup of mandated coffee. I’ve been told after a cup of coffee I look better, probably because I am definitely not a morning person and I look angry right after waking up. This morning it’s quiet, just the sound of the stove, the typing on my keyboard, and the little peeps from the birds. Mornings like this may make me not hate mornings, if I only had the day off. Soon….very soon…. and I will be knitting and spinning once again!