Wednesday was the last day of finals, so I am done with the semester. I will have the next 2 months free to knit and do as I please. Yesterday I took to recharge my batteries and get myself ready for the summer ahead. There are some things that I would like to do this summer and places to go see.

I had an entire blog written about a cardigan that I swatched for and just began, but that time has past. I’m working on a lovely caridgan, surprise! Its in Loft, which I am finding I love working with. Its worsted cousin, Shelter, is also a favorite of mine. I’m using the color Sweatshirt and am knitting a pattern out of wool people 7, Ivar. I will not be knitting it as long as shown in the pictures, but besides that I’m knitting it to pattern. I have the back done and part of the left front, hopefully this will be done by July.

Last Friday I took a trip up to A Verb for Keeping Warm, with some of my knitting friends. The shop has the Wool People 7 trunk show on display, so naturally we all wanted to go up there to see it. When we arrived we saw the trunk show, which is lovely (and convinced 3 out of the 4 of us to get yarn for projects from the collection). I kept toying with the idea of making another Grettir in a green scheme, but then I thought about making another pattern that has a lot of cables. I walked around a bit and thought to myself, picking up yarn and putting it down. We breaked for lunch and the other 3 of the group had already made purchases. After that I split off to a camera store, which sells a bag company that I have been looking at for a while now. I ended up getting one.


If you are wondering it a Ona Bag Bowery, which I got in the smoke color. I took it yesterday to go shooting at one of my favorite local locations. It worked out great, but lets get back on track.

I did not buy anything at a Verb which I am still surprised with myself. However I have decided that I can buy a single skein of swatching yarn, as long as I work on it right away. And only 1 skein on swatching yarn a month.

Back to knitting on the cardigan, and the shawl, and the socks…. now that I have more time… Which I’m still surprised that I have time again.