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I keep talking about my stash, like it’s some large, invisible entity.  It is quite real and I know that I had a lot of yarn, but I didn’t really know it until I took pictures.  Keep in mind that I only got between 85-95% of all of my yarn in the pictures.  There is still some I didn’t pull out and photograph, but I think that the pictures will speak for themselves.  I put them on my twin bed, which you can see that for the most part you can’t even see the comforter anymore.  The first picture is just random yarns, Tosh, Sundara, Abstract Fibers, and many others.  



This includes some sweater quantities in Malabrigo, Tosh, Sundara, Cascade.  When I saw this I knew I was in trouble, in this picture there is about 140 skeins of yarn alone.  Then we go to the next picture, which has one of the two large under-bed storage, the one pictured has at least 4 sweater quantities in it.  And then it’s the contents of the Tosh bin, which doesn’t contain all of it.  I am still looking at both pictures in awe.




So approximate total of skeins that were photographed today… 300+ easy.  This is definitely not SABLE quantity here.  However, I am very glad that I started the Social Pressure Experiment.  There is way too much good stuff here that it would be insane to get any more yarn before using some of it.  There are yarns I’ve had for years in the stash, which I’ve never used the yarn before.  I did find some yarn I forgot about, well I knew I had it, but I forgot what the exact colors looked like.  Yes I have photos on Ravelry of some of them and the ones in question, but those were with my phone, once I get my lightbox I will redo them.  


That yarn I found might just have a design in mind, I know I talk about designs but you don’t see that many of them.  Trust me I’m working on fixing that.  My plan for the summer is to relax, knit a lot, and get some of the designs ready for everyone.  


In sweater news, I finished the left front last night and now I get to start the right front.  Still happy with it and happy with some swatching yarn.