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It’s kind of amazing how time can just fly by without you realizing it.  I really thought that my last post was yesterday, until I realized yesterday was thursday.  Time seems to be on a speeding kick with me right now and I’m guessing my brain is now in a more solid state then it was just 2 weeks ago (that was finals week).  But it is still amazing how many times I completely just have a melted mind moment where I just can’t think or process anything for a brief second and then I snap back to reality.  I think those are some side effects of those pesky finals.

Madrona is coming along nicely, just finished chart c and am on chart d, which it seems that these charts are getting easier as I go.  That could just be the fumes from the yarn, I think pure silk can do that to a knitter, or anyone for that matter.  I’m finding that I really do like working with silk, but there are somethings that I don’t like about it.  Now before you go crazy with your double points and other pointy needles, hear me out.  The one thing that I don’t like about silk that I wish it had was more give, in the way that wool has.  I know that is one of the characteristics of silk, that even though it is an animal fiber, it won’t have the same characteristics as other animal fibers.  Regardless I am enjoying knitting with it and the pattern is still engaging.

Right now I have some yarn sitting next to me that is slowly speaking to me, telling me what it wants to be.  It’s one of those designs that you all will see eventually.  I rediscovered it when I pulled out and aired the stash last week.  Which I think that was the most popular entry to date, something about mass quantities of yarn makes knitters excited.  But on that yarn, it’s telling me what it wants to be, which what it is telling me is kind of compelling. This will be one of many designs that I will get done this summer and get out after that.  I’m determined to get these published so that everyone can see what I have had cooking in my mind for months.

While the designs brew in my head I have been doing some spinning.  I pulled out the wheel again, continuing some of my Spinion spinning (it’s the term my knitting group coined, it’s a spinning minion).  I’ll elaborate on that a little bit.  One of the knitters I regularly hang out with, refuses to spin, she said she might be tempted to weave sooner then spinning, but spinning isn’t something she wants to do.  Because of this and because of there being a few spinners in the knitting group, she will catch us while at fiber events while touching fiber.  She’ll say, “that is really pretty, spin that for me and I’ll buy you some fiber.”  The spinions were created then, so this is one that I’m spinning for her and it’s gorgeous.  It’s some BFL from Pigeonroof Studios, in this really fantastic shades of oranges.  I like spinning BFL anyway, so it’s a win win for me too.  I get to spin with lovely fiber and the finished yarn doesn’t end up in my stash.

And I know that posts with pictures are more fun, I’m still working on getting more photos up here.  For now I’ll leave you with a picture of A Verb For Keeping Warm, just a small snapshot of the shop and some of it’s amazing yarns.