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Last week at my knitting group someone told us that you could find out what your Ravelry member number was.  We all wanted to find out, but couldn’t since you have to be on the computer to find this information out.  It takes some old video game keystrokes in order to show you it.  So naturally I was curious to see how long I have been using Ravelry and what my number was.  Once I got home, I found out the keystrokes in order to show it.  Once the number appeared I was kind of surprised my number was relatively low.  I’m member number 3013, joining in June 2007.  Then I thought about it, how did I find out about Ravelry so early on?  I think it was because of the the Podcasts I was listening to at the time.  The main one that I believe I heard it on was LimenViolet, which are no longer around.


It’s the kind of word of mouth that got Ravelry to where it is now, with its impressive number of members.  I don’t know where I would be in my knitting career without Ravelry.  I wouldn’t have access to the large number of patterns, or be able to publish my own patterns that easily.  There would be no central listing of forms, groups, and a large yarn database.  There would be no research into a yarn to see how it behaves, wears (which made me run towards the washer to throw a swatch into), or how a color looks knitted.  There are so many things that without Ravelry, we wouldn’t have been able to do.  I remember the time without Ravelry and even though it worked and was ok, it’s not something I would go back to willingly.


Which reminds me I have to look through my queue to start planning what knitting I want to bring to Portland with me next month.  So many choices…. Portland Gussets might need to come with me, just seems right to me.

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