There are a lot of things that you realize when you start blogging.  I’ve noticed that despite being able to knit fairly quickly the way that I knit, I don’t get a lot of things done.  If anyone is interested I knit left handed (even though I’m primarily right handed) but I’m not a “traditional” continental knitter.  I throw with my left hand, which kind of sounds counterintuitive, but thats something that I do and it works for me.  I can pick, I can throw right handed, but I choose to knit the way that I do.  What do I mean that I don’t get things done?  Well I mean the time that I’m actually sitting down knitting isn’t as long or as often as I would like.  Most of the time my brain is so exhausted that I generally sit down and just zone out for a little bit and then go to bed.  This is keeping in mind this usually happens when I get home from work, or school, or both.  My hands lay still and I find that it’s kind of odd, but my brain can’t get them to pick up the needles and make anything. 

The same kind of holds true when needing to write the blog entries.  I found that I dont’t like having to sit down at my computer and write the blog.  I like sitting down wherever with a tablet of choice and writting it that way.  However, for the most part I’ve been writting with my small 7″ tablet, I really enjoy it, but the keyboard that I have for it is way too small.  The reason being is because the tablet is smaller, so therefore the keyboard has to be as well.  My 12″ tablet that I use for the most part is what I would prefer to type on but the problem with it is that I don’t want to use the on screen keyboard.  I know #firstworldproblems, but if I’m going to write this blog I’m going to do it the way that makes it easier for me and the way that I prefer.  So I picked up the Logitech Keyboard for it today and I’m using it right now, as you read this (well it will be all written with it, but for me writting it right now it seems like you’re reading along with me as I type.

Ok enough of the tech talk, lets get back to what you all are here for, fiber related crafts.

The spinning wheel has come back again, I find that spinning when the weather is warm is a good way to get something done, and not roast under a lot of yarn. There really is not anything that large on my needles, but I can only imagine. I’m still working on the Spinion project, in my defense I had a long semester and finally when I got time to do other things my brain was fried to a crisp. The singles I’m spinning are very fine too, so this should be a nice light fingering 3-ply yarn when it’s done. Orange isn’t my favorite color, but this one is just beautiful, it makes me want to keep it. But I will not be keeping it since I’m only the spinion, maybe once I earn some fiber I’ll get some for myself in this color.