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Now before you all go insane on me, I will have you know that I have earned this and it has come out of what I have earned.  With that being said lets continue.  And I should also state that I in fact had a blog post that was supposed to go up a few days ago, but it seems that the app ate it when it should have uploaded it, so my appologies.

Somestimes when something is right you just have to do it, I found something that was extremely right. I knew that I wanted it to be mine, but only when I earned it. I kept looking at it, looking, wanting, yearning, but then it sold out and I was relieved. It didn’t really come to mind again until a friend of mine told me that the shop updated and what I wanted was back in stock. I tried to resist as much as I could but the problem with resisting is that sometimes you just can’t resist. It took a few days for me to give in to it, I figured that I had earned it and I had yardage to cover it. Yes I bought one skein of yarn that I had earned by knitting stash yarn. The yarn in question is from White Birch Fiber Arts and is in such a fun and cheerful colorway. The colorway I purchased was Nothing Says Screw You Like a Rainbow, which I have a thing for rainbow yarn. It arrived so quickly I couldn’t believe it, once in my hand it was even better then I expected.

I think I’m starting to have a love affair with this yarn, I just want to knit it all up, but then I want to still admire it in the skein. Sometimes that’s just how it goes, I think that is how my stash actually started, buying lots of yarn I couldn’t knit that fast and keeping it for a rainy day. This one I will hopefully work on soon, so I can actually enjoy it.

Something else that I have to note is that when my LYS gets new yarn they will always let us know, via tweet, facebook, sometimes while we are there. And recently they got Madelintosh in, which is a weakness of mine. I knew when I go to my LYS I would need to be I would need to be extra cautious. I knew what was going to be coming in, new colors which I had already looked at a few days before to see what they were. There was one that I had wanted to get for a while, when I first saw it on their online store I knew that some day I would buy it. When I got in a lot of the yarn was already gone, but I had a skein of the one that I wanted on hold, to see if I would actually buy it. And one advantage of being a lace knitter, who likes silk, is that the silk doesn’t sell as quickly as the other yarns, so you can get what you want. The color I ended up buying because I wanted it for months is called Magic, it’s wild and I love it. This will not count because I’ve wanted it for that long. I did put back a skein of the pure silk in Shire, which I’m kind of regretting right now. When I go back in this week, I will see if the exact skein is still there, if it is I will have to buy it.

Lets fast forward a week later, that exact skein was still there. I bought it and I made the decision that it will not count towords the social pressure experiment because it’s been a long time since I’ve had a yarn make me want it so bad through space and time. This wasn’t an impulse, it was just meant to be…. Both of these skeins are so pretty. I am going to reference you to the pictures that Madelinetosh uses, for I will not get my pictures done in a timely manner. Shire (Photo From Madelinetosh)
Magic (Link and photo from Madelinetosh)