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Time seems like it’s just flying by these days.  When I think to myself, oh yeah I’ll work on that one thing in a little bit and that little bit turns out to be a few days later, it’s mind boggling.  I’ve been working on a few blog posts, none of them actually got published for one reason or another, so this is a fresh one.  I haven’t said that much about my knitting so I should have a bit to talk about with this post.  Lets get started shall we?

First off the wedding shawl is nearing completion, I have about 1.5 repeats of one chart and the final chart to do, weave in the ends, block, and it’s done.  Then I just have to set up a time to drop it off with it’s new owner, who I think is very excited to see what it’s going to look like.  She saw the yarn and approved of it, but I didn’t show her what it will look like once it’s knit up.  I think it should be a good surprise when she finally sees it.  I’m so close to finishing, yet so far from actually working on it.  I did quite a bit on Friday, but after that I just couldn’t work on it anymore.  That much lace in such a concentrated sitting made me pick up something else that I just recently started.

The LYS I go to just got in more of some gorgeous yarn from a new company for the store.  The only reason they got this line of yarn from the company is because one of my knitting friends did a special order for some of it, so the owner decided to start carrying it.  It’s pure silk, one of my weaknesses, aren’t you surprised?   But I thought to myself, no I shouldn’t be buying any new yarn, I don’t have yardage to support this.  I knew I wanted it, but decided I couldn’t add it in as an exception.  There was another idea that I had, it was bold and dangerous, but after holding the yarn for a day and having it torture my thoughts Friday night, I bought it Saturday (this is all last week mind you).  The addendum I added to the Social Pressure Experiement (and yes I know I’m using a fancy word) is that I must finish the project within 1 month of the purchase otherwise I would have to give up tripple the amount of yardage purchased.   I could of course subtract yardage earned to help with it once it is out of the “contract” if you will.  But tripple the yardage, I figured that is just enough to make me really think about it.  I bought it, it’s gorgous, it’s Ito Yarns and is called Kinu which is a gorgeous pure silk.  I bought enough to do a third  color affection, but this time I will be keeping this one for me.  I hopefully will be able to actually wear this one.


Right now I’m waiting near the door waiting for my blocking mats to come in. I had to check to make sure if I needed more of them and after only getting 45% of the shawl to fit on the ones that I do have I knew I needed more. Lets hope it comes soon.