I have been back home for a while now and I have not been posting anything. I appologize, my mind is still in Portland right now. The city for me is very captivating, great public transit, ways to feel like you’re out of the city, great food, the list could go on and on. That’s not the point, the point is I’ve been distracted and I should have posted before now.

On the trip I did a little bit of knitting, not as much as I could have but oh well. I did go to my favorite knitting store while there, Knit Purl. Which I was surprisingly very restrained while there, once of my friends asked if I was feeling well… I avoided buying any Tosh, which for me is a feat itself. I was looking at getting some of the Brooklyn Tweed yarns in Long Johns, but they didn’t have enough in loft or shelter for what I wanted. I did get a sweater quantity in artifact. And I picked up a skein from a local dyer, Blissful knits, in a merino cashmere nylon yarn. I’ll have pictures of the yarn to come.

Since I have been back I have knitted on a few things, but one thing did get finished right in time for my addendum deadline. The color affection is done, blocked, and just need some ends woven in. It’s so light and airy, the colors subtle but perfect for me. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, now I just need to actually wear it. Those pictures will happen a little later too.

Finally, I know most know what a knit a long is, but most have not heard of what a knit against is. It’s the same thing as a knit against, but it’s a friendly competition between a group of knitters making the same project. The goal is to finish before everyone else has. This first started with a Romi Hill shawl and since then we have done a few of them (knit againsts and her shawls). Right now there are 3 of us working on the leaves of grass shawl by Mr. Brooklyn Tweed.

I must get back to my knitting, have to try to get ahead.