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You never realize how much knitting something takes until you actually get to it. I know that sounds very intuitive, but for some reason I thought that Leaves of Grass would be such a quick knit. That’s how it started anyway, it was fast, quick, fairly straight forward, but now it’s become a beast of knitting. I just didn’t think ahead enough for when it got to the largest stitch count, I thought “Oh it will knit up in no time at all.” At the ending 580 stitches in a lace pattern that is the largest in the whole shawl/blanket, I must have turned off the part of the brain that says “this will take longer then you think.” I was blinded by the knit against, it creates that rush to make you want to knit things super quickly, and you believe you can knit them faster then you actually can. I know that now while I’m trying to churn out the last repeat of Chart D. This will be perfect when it’s done, a night light weight blanket for me, since anything thicker and I would roast in a few seconds.

There was no Tour De Fleece for me this year, for a lot of reasons. It was right before my Portland trip and I would be there in the middle of it. I had a lot of knitting that needed to get done so spinning had to go to the way side. And I’ve been working on fixing an issue that I have with one of my designs that should have been a quick follow what I wrote. Speaking of Portland, here’s the yarn I told you I would take pictures of.



That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so absent here, the yarn which I bought for it a year ago and started the design on, was discontinued. I was working it in Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in the color way Mineral, which was just perfect for the design. Now that the yarn was discontinued by Madelinetosh I had to find some replacement and fast. I have a model lined up, but she is leaving in September, so it would have to be done before then. I’ve looked at lots of possibilities, commercial yarn, indie dyers, etc, but with no avail. I have finally found a substitute that will hopefully not be discontinued in the next month of so. It shouldn’t since it was just released this year, so here’s hoping.