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Here the seasons are starting to shift, Summer is slowly changing into fall, my allergies kicked in a few weeks ago which meant the season shift. The trees here may or may not change colors, nothing like on the east coast, but still it’s something. The air gets cooler now at night and in the morning, the days are getting shorter, and all of that summer knitwear you are working on you have to rush to finish so you can wear it before it gets too cold to wear. Here in California it doesn’t really get that cold, but to us here it is (unless you are me and always run warm so the concept of long pants instead of shorts is mind boggling).

My mom saw a cardigan and asked me to make it so I said of course. She wanted it before the weather got too cold for her to wear it (keep in mind California cold). I got the yarn earlier in the summer and i started it with plenty of time for me to complete it. Well you know how things go, life gets in the way, other projects, etc. Now that the weather is threatening to be cooler, I had to really quickly get this thing knit. Well I saw that the ball I had was getting smaller and smaller, I worried. I knit faster and i hoped yet again that I would out knit the ball of yarn. Well now the sleeves and the body are knit. But I don’t have enough to do the collar, just enough for assembly.

Thankfully I know my LYS will still have it in stock. So I ventured to get it, which was the same lot, and I proceeded to block the pieces. Now this yarn is soft when you first get it, slightly splits, and when you hand wash it it doesn’t feel that great. I forgot about that fact when I blocked the pieces. I felt them after they dried like, this is not what I was hoping for. But I remember the search I had that I threw into the washer came out soft and beautiful. I pressed forward, wanting to get this done.

I have been afflicted by the liking to sew seams together, this is not like me. Previously I would avoid seams like the plague, but now they are magical and wonderful. I just can’t get enough of them, I can blame one of the knitters I know for giving me the seaming enjoyment bug. I seamed the sides and shoulders together with much enjoyment and awe at the beauty of a good seam. Getting the sides to line up perfectly was a challenge, vertical to horizontal knitting seaming is tricky but when it’s done right it’s beautiful. Now all that remains is the final seams for the sleeve caps, then knitting the collar. After that I’ll be finished just in time for the weather shifting downwards to 70s.