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The last month has been kind of insane, I didn’t realize how much time had gone by. I am still alive, busy, and chugging down coffee like its water. It’s when you get to that point in the semester you know it’s coming to a close, only 3 weeks and then finals and I will be done with this semester. I will be glad when I have a reprieve from the crazy schedule I have been sustaining. Which I’m guessing is in part due to the amount of coffee I’m drinking. But that’s besides the point, which reminds me I should have another cup right now. Have to study, write a paper, finish a coding assignment, and so much more.

Knitting wise, I have been knitting all that much, just here and there when I can. I recently started the new west knits mystery knit along. I liked the first clue, the second and third I’m on the fence about but I guess I’ll have to see if somehow it’s pulled together on the last clue. The colors I chose were all from stash. This is a good thing due to the stash getting a little bigger then I wanted it to be. I’m using some of the Tosh stash, some more “vintage” then the others. That and the colors that I chose are pretty bright, which is very me in some ways. But in some ways, it is not me at all. I choose Dalia, Tomato, Maple Lear, and Norway Spruce. I’m curious to see what all of the colors will look like once the final clue comes in and wraps everything up (hopefully).

I received something really pretty in the mail, which will wait till next time. I have to take good photos of it to do the product justice.

For now I don’t have much, since most of my time allocation is for school and work and not for much fun things. Posts will be coming as much as I can.

And I’m goi to end it on this note, I finished the 3rd clue on the mystery, saw what the original looked like and I like it, with more subtle colors, but you loose all of that texture work. I’m not happy with the my color choices at all, or the pattern for that matter. I’m not even going to take pictures of it, it’s going into the frog pond, rip rip rip. I’m going to cast on a new design now.