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The new year has started and people have made their new years resolutions.  I don’t know about you but I feel the same ways that Jasmin from the Knit More Girls Podcast feels, resolutions are easy to break.  I think that I will start with themes for new years resolutions, something that can encompass the whole year and not be limited to one thing or another.  I think for me this year’s theme is going to be self improvement, which can encompass a lot of things.  From when it relates to knitting it can relate to three specific things, this blog, stash, and designs.

I have a bunch of designs that I have teased you all about,  I know I have teased you all a lot about them.  Honestly I have them either n my head, in prototyping, or I have the yarn and just need to start them. I don’t know why I don’t just get them done and out there, I think it’s just because I have to allocate a lot of time to other things that I just don’t get the opportunity to allocate enough time to get them done. Another problem is that due to the large work load that I take on with school and work there isn’t a lot of brain power left to design.  However, that’s no excuse, for this year I’m going to work on getting more designs out there for you all to see and enjoy (hopefully).  Right now I have one that in progress, I might have a test knitter at the ready, and then after that it’s a quick write up, chart, and publish.  Besides that I have a few others that I’m not going to talk about yet.

For the blog here, I know I haven’t been writing as much as I was in the beginning, that is my fault.  Again it comes down to time allocation, if I don’t have time to write then nothing gets written, but at the same time if I have time to write and nothing to write about that’s another concern.  I’m going to try to get as much up here as I can (not every random thought that comes into my head, but sometimes short posts).  I’m working on getting a more portable environment going, along with getting the right camera set up so I can get pictures and everything done much faster.

Finally the stash, what can I say that I haven’t already said about my stash.  Well, I can say that the social pressure experiment did help curve my buying of yarn last year, but I kind of fell off the wagon near the end.  I looked through a large portion of my stash (which only a small part is on Ravelry) and I came to the same conclusion as I did last year, I need to use what I have.  So for this year I will be performing the social pressure experiment again, with similar rules.

  • I can only buy yarn or fiber with accumulated yardage or ounces of projects that I have completed within the year of 2015.
    • There is no yardage or ounces from last year because of the falling off of the wagon
  • For a project to count I must weave in the ends, block, photograph, and post about it for it to count at all
  • I will receive only half of the yardage or ounces that I completed as available “credits” (finish 200 yards, can buy 100 yards)
  • If there is a yarn or fiber that I haven’t spun before, upon completion I will receive 10% more of the completed “credit”.
  • If any yarn or fiber is purchased and there is no “credit” to use then double of the amount (in yardage or ounces) will need to be sold/de-stashed.
    • If there is credit to be used, but there is still a deficit of yardage, then the rule applies for only the deficit
  • Designs must be completed before any new yarn can be purchased, only then the same “credit” rules apply
  • There are no grandfathered events, exemptions (besides buying yarn to complete a project), or any form of justifications.

This is something that I just need to do, the first experiment was very helpful for me, except for the obvious falling off of the wagon.  But this year will be different, this year I will make the change, this year I will knit primarily from stash.

On the Sari front, I’m just zooming through the repeats, changing colors, balls of brightly colored yarn everywhere.  I can’t wait for this to be done and the casual knit against isn’t casual (who was I kidding the “casual” knit against is an oxymoron).  I have to try to finish this before the rest, but one has a bit of a lead on me.  Gotta keep knitting like the wind.

P.S. I have created a FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram page for TygerKnits.  I will let you know when I actually have everything set up and ready for you all to see.