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I’m going to preface this post with I did have another one ready to go, talking about how close I was to finishing Samen which I deemed the Leviathan.  However now that I’ve caught a nasty cold and things are going crazy fast around here I have to get this post up instead.  I’m hoping by Friday I am feeling better.  Lets get onto the real knitting content.

As the title suggests the large project is done.  I’m so happy that the more auto pilot knitting is finally over.  But the final effect is nice, I really am happy with my color choices and how everything played out.  Will I make another one?  That will be for a later decision, I don’t know if I want to make another fingering weight version and the amount of lace yarn that is required I don’t have the right ones for it.  In the future, probably not anytime soon I will have to look for 5 more colors and make another.  However, for now I am glad that this one is done and here is a picture of it blocking.  I’ll have more pictures of it later on.


Now that that is completed, I am looking at my empty needles, wondering what I should start next.  This might have some kind of lace yarn being cast onto it, not for lace specifically, but something using up some of my lace yarn.  Right now I have 2 different skeins of Lisa Souza Lace weight looking at me, one that is destined for Celestarium and the other for Viajante.  Both require a bit of knitting, one is more auto pilot and the other will need beads and a full print out of the charts.  Because lets face it, I love charts and I love doing them on a tablet, but there is no way I’ll be able to do that one electronically.  I probably could figure something out, but for my sanity I’m going to do good old fashioned paper. Though a new design came along on my friends activity feed and it uses one of my most obnoxiously awesome colors in my tosh bin.  That color is no other then Edison Bulb and I have it in Merino Light.  I think I’m going to have to finish something else so I can cast that one on.

I’m looking forward to Stitches West coming up this week, lots to see.  I have my plan of attack ready to go, what booths I want to see, what I’m going to buy, etc.  This year I’m not going to buy as much as I did last year, that’s for sure.  May seem like famous last words, but I know what I really want to get this year and it’s not yarn or fiber.  It’s a tool, it’s going to be a nice tool, something that I can use again and again, be able to make a lot of things with it, and grow with it.  Have you guessed what I’m talking about?  If not I’ll tell you, it’s a loom, a rigid heddle weaving loom, which I know you all must  be thinking that you already have a loom, which I do, but it’s limited.  The loom that I have now is from ebay, it’s from the ’80s, the heddle that came with it is all that I have.  It’s a 6 dent reed, to my knowledge but I would have to double check.  I prefer knitting with fingering weight yarn and so with that I want to weave with fingering weight yarn. If you’re going to be at Stitches West on Friday in the morning/early afternoon I will be there, wearing Sari.  Please feel free to say hi, I don’t bite.