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Just a quick post today, knowing that I have slipped on these.  Last week was a intense week on multiple levels.  I thought a date that a proposal for twist was due on the weekend and it was due on Tuesday.  If that gives you any idea of how nuts it was for me for last week.  There still was time for working on some fiber related goodness, but not a lot.

Lets start with weaving, or the lack thereof.  I am working on a houndstooth scarf out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Moonstone and El Grecco, which will be stunning when its done.  However, being a new weaver, I’m getting used to the fabric tension when working patterns.  So I did have to un-weave a bit to get to a tension that I think will work out well when it is finished.  But the back and forth that I had to do a few times made me not want to weave that much, so I put it down for a bit.  But I picked it up again and I think that it’s going fairly well.  Hopefully I will get it done in the next few days.

For knitting I just finished something else, my convergent.  It’s bright, soft, and not to mention BRIGHT, Edison Bulb even though it is subdued in this a little bit, it’s still an intense color.  The icord border is quite nice, a favorite of mine, and adds more intensity when it’s in Edison Bulb. All blocked said and done I wish that I made it with a slightly bigger yarn so that it wasn’t so small. But I still Ike it non the less.


I’ll be back again, I’m on spring break now, so I’m recharging my batteries, knitting has been happening, kind of.