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There are times when you’re just knitting away, finishing things that you put down a while ago, and you think about what you want to knit on next.  Then you look at your queue, through featured patterns, check your WIP’s again, and nothing registers.  Nothing screams at you that they are next, they need to be worked now, or no amount of stash diving makes you want to work with something right away.  Maybe it’s just me, but I found that I’m in one of those slumps, I mean I’m working on works in progress but there isn’t anything that makes me excited and want to cast on right away.  I’m taking it as a sign, one that is telling me to do something else fiber related.

Lets bring in the spinning wheel, which has been neglected, wishing for someone to treadle it.  It whimpers next to me, so sad that it isn’t loved.  It’s not that it isn’t loved, I just had so much that I wanted to work on before that.  But I’m taking this opportunity to spin again, ironically enough last night when I went to sit down at the wheel I found that I couldn’t find the oil.  I looked everywhere because it needed a good oiling, but none could be found.  I knew that I had to get some more, fortunately one of the LYS’s here does spinning and I knew they would carry the oil I needed.  So I went up today to get it, but what I didn’t know that I would get enabled into some lovelies….


Greenwood Fibers BFL and Silk in Enchanted (which I’ve wanted for a while and I saw again at my usual LYS last night), Greenwood Fibers Merino Silk in Arcade, and Wonderland Dyeworks Wonder Bundle in Seawater.  I couldn’t resist, so they came home with me.  I shouldn’t have, but the first one I wanted for months, the second was just so much fun, and the third was so stunning that I had to have it in my stash.

Speaking of, if you and I are friends on Ravelry you might have seen I put up a lot of stuff into my stash.  Don’t worry that is not new yarn, that’s all stash yarn that I have had for a while, but I knew I needed to put into my online stash.  I’m past 100 yarn entries, I’m a little scared because that is still not all of it, same with the fiber.  I better get out of the slump, but until then I think spinning and weaving would be good.