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I’m doing my best to get things worked on so that I can show you here.  Since I don’t have a lot of time to work on things, what I have gotten done is pretty good in my book.  You know that I have been working on the Redford pullover.  Well that is going pretty well actually, I got the back done today, promptly cast on for the front.  You may be thinking wow you are going to be done in no time, wait just a second.  Even though yes I’m through the back and starting the sleeves you may think that’s all thats left.  But you would be wrong, without giving the secret sauce of the pattern, you have to knit 2 side panels as well.  Which means I’m going to have 4 more pieces to knit once the front is done.  And did I mention the gauge?  It’s fingering weight yarn on U.S. size 4 (for me to get the right gauge of about 23 sts for 4 “).  Thats a lot of knitting especially making the 46 (I would have preferred at 44 but oh well, didn’t want to do math).  So there are a lot of stitches, not that I’m not enjoying the knitting, but it does take a bit of time to get to the completed state.

Right now I’m looking at other things that I want to knit when I finish this sweater.  Thew new Men’s Collection from Brooklyn Tweed made me go into a queueing frenzy, I liked pretty much everything from the collection.  So I wanted to knit something out of there, something that is out of Shelter, since I have a sweater quantity in Almanac.  The Denali Pullover caught my attention, with its cables and texture, not to mention the model is very handsome, that’s besides the point.  I think it will be a perfect sweater to have for my trip that’s coming up.  But then again I want to knit the Jackdaw Pullover as well, but that I think would need to be out of the Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Fathom that I have.  I think that will need to be plane/trip knitting.

Ok I bet you’re wondering what is this trip that you speak of?  Well I will be visiting Edinburgh and London this July for 2 weeks, so I thought it would be a good excuse to knit up some of the stash and have sweaters I might actually be able to wear.  I’m still deciding what sweaters I want to bring with me on the trip and the knitting that I want to bring.  But I have 2 months, that should give me enough time to plan and figure that out, right?  I also have to figure out what shops that I want to visit while there.  I know I want to see Loop because I’ve heard so much about it, but are there any others I should see?  If you know of any let me know and I want to get yarn that is local too if I can.

I’m not going alone, my mother is going with me, so I asked her if there was anything that she wanted me to knit for her for the trip.  She said not really, but I knew better.  I figured what could she pack that would be small and keep her warm?  Socks, that’s right socks, I will not be using the sock machine at all for these, they will be by hand.  I have one skein of Casbah sock picked out.  Then I’ll go from there.