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There is a lot of knitting I have a head of me if I want to knit everyone that I want to make before I go on my trip. The pullover is coming along nicely, the back and front are complete.  One side is already done and I’m about a quarter through the second side.  It’s not like it’s difficult knitting, it’s just plain stockinette. I can do that in my sleep (if I could knit in my sleep that would be great), but it’s just something that needs to be done with this sweater.  Once the sides are both done then I’m going to give it a good block, sew up the seams, and then start the sleeves.  I’m guessing it will be another week or so to get it all done.  But of course that depends on the time that I actually have to get it done.  We are beginning finals at the end of this week, so most of my time that I have spare is going to be dedicated to studying.

I did start something new 2 weeks ago, it’s something that I needed to get the right 3 colors for, which I found in the new tosh base.  Madelinetosh Twist Light is the new base that my LYS got in fairly recently.  One day after school I thought about going to the shop to see if it actually came in.  If it didn’t I wasn’t going to mind, because I really didn’t need more yarn.  I got in, saw the boxes sitting there in the back, open, labeled, and ready to buy.  The colors were beautiful, the price was good, and had pretty good yardage.  I thought about buying another sweater quantity for another of the new Men’s Collection from Brooklyn Tweed.  Luckily I was talked down and I’m glad, I’m going to be knitting a lot of sweaters in the coming months. 
I did end up with 5 skeins, in various colors. But there were a group of three and a group of two. Masgot was the pattern for the triple and it’s looking good. 

I’m working on it when I want to knit something besides stockinette. Both projects are going wel.