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Finals, they’re done, all 5.  I’m so glad that they’re all done, I can’t tell you how amply I am that they’re done. What that means is that I’ll have more time and more brain power to get things done. I’m about 2 months away from the trip, I have a lot of knitting that needs to be done so let’s take a look at how far I am. The pullover is making some good progress, the body is all sewn together, just need to weave in the ends, and give it the final blocking.  The first sleeve is progressing slowly, I think I’m getting sleevitis, where you want the sweater done, but you don’t want to knit the sleeves.  I’m hopefully going to try to get the sleeves done and attached by next week.  That way I will have time to knit the next sweater and still have time to make some socks for my mom.

Masgot on the other hand has been going tremendously well, it is all done.  I’m really happy with how it came out, the yarn is very soft.  Not to mention it grew quite a bit, but still it’s a good size.  The dropping down 2 needle sizes gave me the fabric that I wanted and made it not so big.

The colors are just perfect, very non traditional, and very me.  I’ll try to get a picture of it being modeled, but we will see if that happens.  I’m not one to be in front of the camera, I much prefer being behind the camera.  Regardless, it was a good knit, colors are great, and the yarn was perfect.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Twist Light in Great Grey Owl, Resin, and Deep.

More knitting to come, just got to get back to this sleeve.