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There have been a lot of lapses for me with all of knitting and yarn that I have.  I really am trying to work through my stash, there is a lot of yarn that I want to knit with.  I only have two hands, there is only 24 hours in a day, only so much knitting that I can do.  Now that I’m out of school for the summer you’d think that I would have more time, which you would be right.  However, everything that I wanted to do during the semester is finally getting to yell at me.  Knitting is one of those.  I still knit every morning, which is a great way to start the day, knitting and coffee.  There are days that I knit a row or two, others I knit 100s of stitches.

Starting with a distraction, Miss Babs.  Do I need to say more?  Gorgeous colors, great yarn bases, good prices.  I have been resisting making a Vijante for a while now, there are two knitters at my LYS that were making them.  I kept looking at theirs and seeing their colors and I desired one.  I wanted a Vijante out of Miss Babs for my own, would I actually wear the thing?  Probably not, since I don’t think it would be my style, but I don’t know.  Would it be too warm for me?  There is a possibility, but I could always lend it to my mom who is always cold.  One day at work I was looking at Miss Babs site again and I found my color, I resisted, I fell, it came to me and it’s beautiful.  The yarn is Kilimanjaro in the color Believable, which is perfect for me.


Another one that made me fall was a yarn that is specific to the UK.  No it is not one that I could have gotten while I’m there next month.  This one is very unique, it’s a self striping yarn, but not like others.  This one is all of the colors of the London Tube System, in sock yarn form.  I knew I had to knit this on the trip, so that I could knit my London Tube Socks on the London Tube.  The Dyers is Trailing Clouds and the yarn color is Mind the Gap.

Don’t worry I did some knitting too, the knitting on the Redford is all completed.  All is left is sewing in one more sleeve, sewing in the ends, and giving it the final bath.  It is fitting really nice actually, I would show you how it’s looking but it’s warm here, in the 90s.  Too warm for a wool/cashmere sweater, even for 5 minutes to get pictures.  But this will be perfect for the cold weather of London/Edinburgh.  Which is coming up, only 37 days left of knitting and getting everything together.  Flights, places to stay, sim card (communication/directions), Oyster Cards,  area ll good to go, just the where we will go see is the finalizing bit.  But what that means is that I have one more sweater and 2 pairs of socks I will need to get done in 37 days, not even that because they need a day or two to block.  So really I have about a month to get that knitting done.  I have watched for the second sweater and I’m not sure I’m going to do the same one I thought I would.  I might change my mind and do another plain-ish one, but I need to swatch that one as well.

I gotta keep swatching.