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Remember that disappointing swatch that I had a few days ago, well it’s evil still ensues.  Friday I figured out a pattern that I could knit, that the stitch pattern would actually show in the dark Artifact color.  So I knit the beginning of the pattern, that starts with the sleeve, working two repeats of the main chart.  The more I knit the more I wasn’t sure about it.  I love the pattern don’t get me wrong, but I think that the amount of time that the pattern would require would really hamper the other knitting that I would need to get done.  The socks for my mom still needed to be knit before we went, a new design would need to be done, and any finishing of things that needed to be done too.  With only 31 days left before the flight, time is getting more and more limited.

So I had to really think about it, should I just bring a sweater that I already knit with me and just leave this one for when I return.  Or should I change the pattern one more time and only knit on it when I get some of the other stuff done?  I sat and thought about it, while knitting on something else.  I really would like to have had the sweater worth knit because I did buy it almost a year ago.  It would just make me feel better about buying any yarn while there.  The more I thought about it the more I decided that I should knit on the other things first, making them a priority and only if I get a certain amount done work on the sweater.  The final pattern I’m going to knit, is simple enough that I could just speed through most of it is Rift, another Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  So I’m hoping that even though for me to get gauge I have to knit the worsted yarn on size U.S. 4s that I can get it done before going.

While I was deciding I did a bit more knitting on the Viajante.  It’s now a tube, be it a small one, but a tube non the less.  I have a lot of knitting on it to go before I am done.  But I think it will be nice once its done.  Though I have to keep my mind entertained while working on it because it really is auto pilot knitting.

Besides that I have the socks for my mom going pretty well now, they are Jeweled Steps by Cat Bordhi.  The yarn I’m using is Casbah Sock, the color is unknown (not because I don’t have the label, but because they didn’t label them with color ways when I got this one).  It’s going fairly well and thankfully for me she has smaller feet, so they just go really quick.  I might be able to get the first one done tonight if I really motor through ti.