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Just a quick note before I begin, what an insane week it has been for me, car and work were not playing nice this week.  But not to fear the car is all fixed and work should be settling down (not sure I took the weekend off).

You must be wondering what I am talking about, there can’t be a worm hole in socks.  Or can there be?  Well  I’m being clever and just told you all of the things that I have been working on, for the most part.  17 days to go and I’m feeling the pressure, knitting has to start flying off my needles in order to get everything ready and done for the trip.  I sometimes keep forgetting about all of the knitting that I’m doing, especially those that I really need to get photographed while on the trip.  But you know that pressure when you really want to get something done for the trip and you don’t know if you can get it all done in time?  Right now that’s going on, I have to make decisions on what I can get done and what I really need to get done for the trip.

The first pair of socks I knit for my mom are done, except for the weaving in ends, and blocking but the knitting is complete.  Made out of HandMaiden Casbah, color is unknown due to the dyer not putting color names on the labels at that time.  I’m really happy how they turned out and she is super happy with how they feel.  I mean how can you not love having hand knit socks with cashmere in them?  The only time I think that wouldn’t be ideal is during summer, which it seems the weather there is warming up and I really hope that it cools off by the time we get there.

Viajante is currently becoming the worm hole of my knitting, you can knit and knit and knit on it but it seems that it is not getting any longer.  Which you know that it’s false, of course it’s getting longer, you’re making more and more stitches on it.  But it just feels like you go in one side of the worm hole and arrive in the future but with the same amount of knitting done.  I do like the colors how they’re playing on the knit fabric, pooling, not pooling, it’s great.

The design is the slowest because I’ve been really working on the socks to make sure that they’ll be done for the trip.  This is one of those has to be done for the trip because I would like pictures of it just in case something doesn’t happen.  I’m not going to tell you what that thing is, I will let you know when I know more.  But in any case I want it done, I need the pictures of it, and it would make me feel better.

And if that all wasn’t enough I did start the new sweater, insane of me I know.  No pictures this post, need to keep knitting like crazy.