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I know I haven’t posted anything in a week, there just hasn’t really been that much that I can talk about.  How many posts can you really talk about knitting a large tube?  I mean if I had the knitting attack me and I had to defend myself using only another skein of yarn and my phone as a shield that would be interesting.  Or if somehow the viajante actually became a worm hole and sucked me into it, and brought me to parallel universe where knitting doesn’t exist.  In that parallel universe I would have to educate every knitter that should have been about the craft, be chased by them with their pitchforks and tri-tip steaks yelling that this is the work of the evil sheep people.  That would make a far better blog post then how the pattern is actually going.  I’m not complaining that it’s going well with no bumps, it really just doesn’t make that much interesting content.  It’s been good autopilot knitting, great for social knitting, but also great for watching those really involved shows that need your attention.

Besides that I’m working on the second pair of socks for my mom for the trip.  We looked at the weather again and it seems like she might not need them.  London has been warm recently, which is odd, but also the weather likes to shift just because it can.  I’ve heard stories of it being warm and sunny one minute and an hour later its cold and pouring down rain.  Edinburgh has still been cooler, so there might be some use for the socks for her there.  For me I’m still going to bring some hand knits on the trip just in case I get the opportunity to use them.  Probably bring 1-2 sweaters, a scarf/shawl or two, and nothing much more.  There is only so much that you can bring in a carry on suitcase.  Wait did you not know that was going to be what was happening?  My mom and I are going to be gone for 2 weeks, but only bring a carry on and a personal bag each.  The amount of clothes will only be a weeks worth, since we will be able to wash clothes before we leave Edinburgh for London.  That means there should be room for me to bring back some yarn from both places and some other souvenirs.

The last bit is that I am still working on that design, it like a few of my designs have come to a halt.  I don’t know what it is when I get to the last section of something, I just get really nervous and get unsure what I want to do.  Like I know what it should be but for some reason I just keep second guessing myself and say that it’s not going to look good, lets find another solution just in case this is a yarn filled train wreck.  It has kept some designs from coming into the world, though to be fair some just have a larger problem that I just don’t want to resolve just yet.  I let them linger in the time out corner until I’m ready to bring them back to life.  So now that this design is at the last sections and I have done a preliminary block I’m looking at it knowing what I want for the section, but am thinking of how I could do a little rework to make it better.  Thinking more and more about it which means less and less gets done.  I still want to take this with me for photos while I’m in London, but I have to get it finished first.

Did I mention it’s kind of small too?  That might be another problem that I have to fix, since it’s not supposed to be that short.