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Time is seaming to fly these days with little rhyme or reason. It feels like yesterday that we started booking the airfare, airbnb, and planning where to go. The waiting seems just to take forever, counting down the days until you leave for the trip.  Today is the day that I leave to go across the pond and I can honestly say that I’m still shocked that it finally arrived.

We all know that packing isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but it needs to be done.  I always will try to be as efficient as possible, save as much room as I can, and so that I can bring home souvenirs.   Which we all knows that means bringing home vacation yarn.  I have already mapped out the shops that will be near where we will be, one in Edinburgh, two that are in London.  (Side note, if you see me at either shop, don’t hesitate to say hello.)  I already have some of my knitting friends asking for yarn back from the U.K. which will be fun to enable them and they won’t know it till i return home.  As for me  know I have a pretty good stash, it’s grown a lot in the past 2 years, so I don’t really need to bring that much home.  On top of that there is that space limitation from the suitcase, because my mom and I refuse to check bags unless we have no other option.  Which we might have to depending how much stuff we bring home, but we are going to try to be good.  I will try to be good, especially at Loop, but I make no promises.

There is one thing that is more important then the clothes, toiletries, electronics, is the knitting that you will be taking with you on the trip (airfare and hotel/airbnb still trumps this only by a hair).  I have been planning what I’m going to be taking with me for weeks, maybe even months at this point.  When my LYS got in the new Madelinetosh Base I found two colors to make something that I have always wanted to make but never had the right colors.  That pattern is Rockefeller by Stephen West, the colors that I decided on were Raspberry Coridal and Great Grey Owl out of the new Madelinetosh Tosh Light, which I have fallen for.  I think it’s going to be great since the Raspberry Cordial is deep enough for me and it will be shown off by the Great Grey Owl.  The other “big” project that I am bringing has been changing a lot lately, I wanted to bring a sweater to make while I’m over there, but after the sweater fall out I didn’t feel like bringing a sweater.  There is a yarn that is at the shop that had been calling to me for weeks, telling me what to make with it, telling me how great it would be to knit it on the trip.  I finally justified it because the sweater I was going to bring would be 5 skeins and this project would only be 4 skeins, so it was a space saving bargain.  The pattern is Girasole by Jared Flood (you can tell I have a thing for his patterns) and the yarn (are you ready for this one?) is Madelinetosh Tosh Light in Dandelion.   I told you I had fallen for this yarn, it’s a sickness, but it’s so pretty, knits up great, and feels great once it’s finished.

I am bringing two pairs of socks, on in the Nothing Says Screw You Like a Rainbow Colorway and the other is the Mind the Gap colorway.  I don’t have the names of the dyers off the top of my head, if you’re interested in them I can let you know.  Or I’ll put it in the next post.

With knitting ready to go, the yarn is wound, some is started already, I can go away for 2 weeks and should have enough knitting.  A little over 5 hours till the plane takes off, maybe I should bring more yarn….