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Let me first just say that I don’t like flying, it is not the most enjoyable thing for me.  I love to travel though so I have to put up with the not so fun stuff.    
Yesterday was the long traveling day, which consumed a whole day. Spent 5.5 hours in airports waiting around, 12 hours flying on two different flights (one flight was 10 hours by itself, not fun at all), sleep deprived and ready for bed got into Edinburgh at our place at 1030 Thursday night. So needless to say I was super tired, I made it through. But with that long bit of being in the plane I got a lot of knitting done. At the last minute one project had to be taken out of the coming with me category, which ended up being the nothing says scree you like a rainbow socks. Which yes I did want to work on them and actually have them done so that one day maybe I’ll be cold enough to wear them. But that will be a dream for the future. 
I cast on Rockefeller in the SF airport, waiting at the gate for boarding to start. As I was knitting I read the instructions thinking this is great, won’t take me long to do 10 more repeats. I kept knitting and looked at it again, it actually said repeats these last 10 rows 31 times.  Whoops…. But I knit on it up until an hour or 3 into the flight (honestly time kind of melded together in there).  I decided that I needed something more interesting to keep me awake so I put this project away. I am liking how it’s knitting up in the colors I chose. And it’s a fairly easy pattern so far, which is good for quick knitting times. 


Girasole on the other hand is not so quick knitting but is great for keeping my brain occupied even for a little bit. It’s also going fairly well. I only got it going to the second round of yo increases and did the rest while flying. 
Yesterday was the first day here and oh boy did the jet lag kick in. It probably wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But it was still there. However there was sightseeing and picture being taken, which was before the jet lag and after a pot of coffee that probably could raise the dead it was so strong. 

I got to visit Ginger Twist Stuido, which got my mom and I away from the Royal Mile which is inundated with tourists. The shop is quaint and the owner is sweet and welcoming. A lot of her yarns are either dyed by her or dyed here in Edinburgh. We talked for a bit and I told her about how I knew about her, The KnitMore Girls, and she recognized me from ravelry. What a small world, and I picked up 3 skeins which I’ll show you later. Gotta beat the crowds today to a big attraction.