Have I told you before that I am not a morning person? Well if I haven’t let me tell you, I am most definitely not a morning person. To even speak to me without getting a deathly glare I need one cup of coffee in me. Combine the not so happy to see morning and the addition of jet lag, it creates a nasty concoction. I haven’t been sleeping that great since we landed here to begin with. This morning I was sleeping like a baby until 4am. At that time the seagulls thought it would be hilarious to wake me with their hooting and hollering, for 4 hours. When I was awakened I thought it would be alright and I would be able to fall asleep like I had been, but I was wrong only a little. Yes I was able to fall asleep again but kept waking up every 20 minutes to the seagulls going from loud to decibels that would have raised the dead.  Now you must be thinking that I could have just put in ear plugs during the night and it would have been alright. 
Yes you would be correct except I didn’t mention that for me to fall asleep my body is particular about the conditions. Those being temperature, sound, lighting, vertical, moving, etc. unfortunately for me I can’t sleep with anything in my ears. So for me I was screwed, those little bastards kept me going in and out of sleep for an hour and a half until I couldn’t fight it anymore. I got up, silently cursed them, wishing I could teach them some manners. Coffee was required, made, knitting was next along with headphones until they stopped at 8am. 
Besides that so far the trip has been good, we have seen a lot here since we landed, more then anticipated. Today was the main castle, which was insanely busy. Generally getting up early and getting to places right when they opened worked out in our favor. Not today, there was a long line (even longer 2.5 hours later when we were leaving), just to get tickets. I won’t bore you with much more, except I did promise yarn pictures and those you shall have. 


No brain power left. I’ll do more information on them tomorrow. After sleep with no seagull parties…. I hope.