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This post is going to be jumping through different times today so please try to not get confused. 

Yesterday we took a bus out of old town and into a different part of the city. The total time from door to destination was about 35 minutes, which definitely wasn’t bad. When we arrived we were the second and third person there and it stayed that way for about 30 minutes when the first left. We were left alone at this amazing place for about an hour and half, exploring, taking photos, and taking in the marvels of this place.  I haven’t named the place yet because I don’t think many people know it’s there when they visit Edinburgh. It’s another castle, which isn’t preserved like the main Edinburgh castle which to be honest was nice but way to crowded.  This castle is in ruins but is the second best preserved next to the main castle in Scotland.    

Today is the day that we leave Edinburgh, it seems just like yesterday that we arrived. We were able to spend 6 days in this beautiful city. There was so much that we were able to see, more then that was planned.  Right now I’m on the last bit of a 5 hour train ride from Ediburgh into London. We left right at 9:30am and should arrive at the station around 1:51pm. You must be thinking isn’t flying faster? When you account in the time that is required you wouldn’t think so. When you add in getting to the airport 2 hours early, transit time to the airport, the flight, and transit to the apartment they’re pretty identical. At least with this transit system we were able to see the beautiful country.  

Then a bit of a walk later we arrived at our flat. Another AirBnb which is quite lovely. Good location, with 3 tube stations close by, a bit of shopping, and restaurants as well. Got settled in and got a lay of the land so to speak. Had a nice dinner and went to bed. 

This is now the next day, which was going to be the farthest we would need to travel (I think). The big 3 were up, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Now let me begin by telling you that the Tower of London is the most visited place in the UK with the Edinburgh castle being the second. We arrived right as the weather went wet, being prepared we trekked onwards. We got there right when they opened and it was not as busy as the Edinburgh castle at opening. Fantastic place with the king’s guard there, watching everyone. 

The globe had a show going so no tour there but we headed off to St Paul’s. No photography allowed in the cathedral, but if you’re in London it is worth the £18 just to see the magnificent architecture, craftsmanship, and sheer beauty that lies inside. Now finall back at the flat, my shoes soaked through, bag (which is supposed to be water proof) had a small leak (camera and knitting are alright), feet are up and it’s time to knit
I’m finishing clue 3 of the Rockefeller. I’m ready to be done, though I hope I have enough of color A. If not then it will have to wait to be finished till when I return to my LYS.