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So things are coming to a close here, we have Monday and Tuesday remaining while Wednesday is the 12.5 hours of flying and a 3.5 hour layover. The list of things that we have seen is growing, as well as the list of things that we haven’t seen. It’s rained 2 out of 3 days here that we have been here the whole day. We had such good weather and luck in Edinburgh that it was kind of payback for that. It was so bad on Friday that my shoes and socks were soaked through. I had to buy a new pair that were waterproof and for a just in case that my pair did not dry (side note they did, the new shoes aren’t comfortable one bit).  In that bad weather that caused the feet to be soaked we walked from a tube station that should have been closer, to the Tower of London, through the city over a bridge to the Globe (no tour due to a performance in progress), then across the millennial bridge to St. Paul’s, then booked it back to the apartment. I wish I could take pictures in St. Paul’s because it was stunning. I did get some good pictures of the tower and the outside of the cathedral. 

Yesterday was an interesting visit to the Saturday portobello road market. Antiques, food, and new items everywhere. I was looking at some vintage cameras they had, but decided against it. So much to see and buy, we came back pretty unscathed. After that was a good rest period and our final Palace, Kensington Palace. We decided that the last one we had on the list was out of the running, Buckingham. We know it’s famous, we are just at the ends of the trip and have seen a lot. 

Now today was a yarn day for me. Besides the insanity of the British museum it was a good day. I finally made it to Loop, the one store that I just had to see. And let me tell you something, the shop is fantastic, the employees are fantastic, and the yarn (you guessed it) fantastic. I had to be quicker then normal, due to the fact that I had a non knitter traveler, and because I had to pick carefully. I made sure to pick up the items that my knitting friends asked for, check, then I got some stuff for me. However I knew my suitcase was not going to handle too much more. I’ll show you what I got later, but in an ending note I found it why my suitcase is having wheel problems. The entire plastic inner shell shattered, which holds the two wheels. One is still intact for now and the other is wiggling. The metal frame should keep it together long enough to get me home. We shall see though, I’m going to need to be gentle with the suitcase. Yikes.