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Being back home after a vacation is always a nice relief.  Not having to constantly live out of a suitcase (especially if your suitcase is falling apart like mine was), which means you have to make sure you have enough in there to get you through your trip.  Or if you do what we did you have to make sure that you’ll have a way to wash those clothes too.  Sleeping in your own bed, showering if your own bathroom, and having coffee you know is going to be good every time are some of the things that I missed on this trip.  Not to mention the fun that is always had when you have to pack everything up for the trip home, including putting all of the souvenirs into your suitcase, praying that they will fit.  I barely had enough room for everything and I really didn’t buy that much.  Some of the gifts that I got were small and the yarn wasn’t in excess quantities.
But you don’t care about that kind of stuff, lets get down to the knitting.  How much knitting did I actually get done on this trip, you’re probably wondering.  Well lets put the time into perspective Wednesday/Thursday in the beginning were travel days, a 2 hour wait in the airport (we are always early), a 10 hour plane ride, 4 hour layover, and a 1.5 hour plane ride.  The days in between would be maybe 30 minutes of knitting in the morning, leave the apartment no later then 8:30am, come back around 4 or 5 pm knit until about 6, have dinner, then knit till bed (about 1-3 hours depending).  Then yesterday was another travel day, a 2 hour wait in the airport (always early), 11 hour plane ride, 4 hour lay over, 1.5 hour delay, 45 minute flight, and then finally home.  Just a side note, I will say yesterday I was at my wit’s end, being up for a total of 25 hours and that much traveling makes my brain turn into nothing.  Now lets remember I only brought 3 projects, Rockefeller, Girasole, and some plain socks.  The day before I only got Girasole done up to the second round of eyelets.  Here is after the first day of travel:

IMG_0402I started rockefeller in the airport, getting ready for that long flight.  Now that’s a pretty good amount of knitting I would say, I was sore after that.  I really couldn’t knit on the second flight, so I knit a few rows, and then played some video games.

But now this is the result of vacation knitting, before the return travel day:

IMG_0540Now not the prettiest of pictures, but this is away from home, so I don’t have my normal set up.  Gristle hadn’t been touched since the first flight, the socks were started, and Rockefeller was on clue 4 with half of that clue being done.  I was on a roll, I had to keep going.  Now are you ready for it?  Including the last day of travel, this is the total amount of vacation knitting that I got done….

IMG_0544Not too shabby wouldn’t you say?  For now I’m just jet lagged, going to have to re-adjust to a different time zone.  Need to go get more yarn to finish the Rockefeller