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I think we have established that I really like the bright colors, the ones that require you to wear sunglasses when you look at the final project.  Even if it’s not that much of it you still need sunglasses.  The 3rd color craving that I have been working on is just that, you might require sunglasses when you look at it.  I think it’s quite fantastic, but I did have to make a modification to the pattern just so that people don’t go blind when they see it.  The edging is either in the picot or icord, I always default to the icord, is supposed to be done in color c.  If I did it in edison bulb I don’t think it would have the right effect, so I am going ahead and replacing color c with color a.  Lets get one thing clear, I do not like actually knitting the icord, I just like the look of it.  I think it gives it a really nice finished detail, especially on this project.  Now that all sections are complete, I must make the journey around it, making icord and binding off, I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m still unsure if I should follow the pattern or make my modification.  It might not look right if I don’t use Color C, I’m thinking of the other pattern I used Edison bulb in Convergent, which I think looks good with the bright border.  Such a dilemma that I am facing, bright border, or more muted border, as written, not as written.  You know what, go bright or don’t finish it.  Done and Done.


Since I’m so close to the end of this project I am looking at what I should start next.  There is a test knit that I’m going to start regardless, but I mean something that these needles can go right into once I’m done.  I’m considering doing the hot pants, but then again I don’t know if I want to start those right now.  Banana Leaf crossed my mind and I think that could be a fairly auto pilot knitting project, which would be good for me.  There are a plethora of projects that I could start up, but I’m thinking of just using some of the newer yarn that I acquired first.  That would mean banana leaf and hot pants, lots of decisions I have to make soon.  Maybe I should just pick up the wormhole again (viajante) because it’s simple, straightforward, and doesn’t require much attention.  I think I should do that, just not right now when the ball is still big and it takes up a lot of room in my bag.

Just a quick note too, I’ve been doing a bit of editing of the photos that I took on my vacation and I’m quite pleased with them.  I can’t wait to see them printed, metal prints are in my future, which I think some will become gifts.

Lets get back to some knitting talk, which now will involve the stash.  I have not been keeping up with the social pressure experiment, which is not good.  I have decided that since it’s the beginning of September I will now be using only stash (unless a project needs another skein to be completed) until the end of the year.  I will buy a kit at the end of the year, but that will be the only thing that I buy.  I need to get the stash contained again, which means actually knitting with what I have.  I’m going to probably go through withdrawals, must be strong.